Thursday, December 1, 2011

Five Star’s Education under Fifty Star’s Flag

I would highly recommend Portnov’s Computer School to all Americans who are brave enough to believe that there is a legitimate and exciting way to start a new career.

I am one of many women who have come to the forty year life milestone with the baggage of marriage, kids, and some professional experience here and there. My move from Arizona to SF Bay Area, in April 2011, gave me a chance to fulfill my dream and find myself. Portnov’s School modifies and enhances my medical secretary work-background and undergraduate College classes into a high-demand, Software Quality Assurance profession. The School helps me enroll in a paid Internship in a top-rated High-Tech Company within five months from the SQA class’s start day.

I will rate the Portnov’s School with five stars for its uniqueness and motivation to help each Student to succeed. There are a few features that Portnov’s Computer School offers: You can repeat classes again and again at no extra charges, you can create customized subject’s schedules, you can create and update your professional resume for free, you can be involved in real-life testing projects inside school, you can get work interview’s exercises in one–on-one session with the School’s Department Manager, you can build your Professional Social Network and Connection, you will get guaranteed Internship in one of fifty plus partner’s companies in SF Bay Area.

I am amazed by the patience, professional ethics and creativity of each Teacher. The School’s unique strength is the teaching Personnel: most of the Lecturers are active high-rank QA Managers from Silicon Valley’s companies that share their knowledge and experience with open heart and passion. Friendly and informal environment in the class helps adult students to overcome tension and fears; professional ethics and patience of Personnel encourage go over the language and cultural barriers; sophisticated and continuously updated knowledge of Teachers motivated to achieve a high expectation of the industry’s standard.

Do not expect an “easy way to go” into industry without intense learning and volume of homework. But if you open your eyes and ears for exciting lectures, have an open mind to understand structures and flow of the testing methods, open your heart to feel the creativity of the software development’s processes; - you will become a successful and happy person like me.

I want to THANK you Mikhail, Sofia, Marina, Yana, David, Lesya, Frank, Irina, Yan – all my Great Teachers, Helpers, Mentors, and Friends for my success in the Software Quality Assurance profession within six months.
Thank you, Portnov’s School, for positive involvement in my life.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Portnov School Video Testimonials

Here is the nicely done video with new grads and old-times sharing their testimonials:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Thank you Portnov Computer School for giving me this unique lifetime opportunity!

When I came to the USA 8 years ago I had a dream. The dream was to find a job that I will enjoy to do, the job that will help me express my personal and professional skills and abilities. I was working as a property manager, Real Estate assistant, and also had my own Real Estate investment company. After the collapse of the Real Estate market I realized that changing my profession would improve my life.
My friend gave me the idea to become a Software tester. I did a lot of research about a Software testing and ended up being involved in Software testing training program at Portnov Computer School. After successfully completing the training, I was placed as an intern in DemandTec - a great company with an opportunity to get a permanent position. As of today, I know for sure that Software testing is my long-term career commitment and it is my goal to become someone who makes a difference in Software testing.
I really enjoyed being a part of a big Portnov's family. The entire staff of Portnov Computer School is a very intelligent team of professionals. They're making sure that every single student of Portnov Computer School succeeds.
Thank you very much, Mikhail, Sofia, Yana, Olga and others for giving me this unique lifetime opportunity!

Andrey P.

Portnov made a difference in my life

Thank you Mikhail, Sofia, Yana, Marina, Olga for making a difference in my life.

I was recommended by my friend to join this school and it was a wise decision. The school offers all the knowledge you need to start with and they train you with real time projects and mock interviews. The instructors are very friendly and knowledgeable.

After I finished my course, I joined as an intern in Zephyr and later got a job in the same company.

Magic happens at Portnov

Thanks to Mikhail, Sofia and school staff, I got my job (not an internship) within a week after graduation. When the project ended after 4 months, and I was having difficulty to find a job. I went to see Sofia if she knows anyone looking for hiring a QA. The magic happened again. Within a week, I got a phone call from QA manager in Foster City and asked me if I'm interested in the QA job.
Just keep up with what Mikhail taught us how to market ourselves, and you will definitely find a job. It happened to me twice already. Portnov Computer School is real and excellent. They help students to find a job.


Portnov is 100% real, its not an advertising or just a business to making money!!!


I just want to share about what I've been through for the last couple months in my life I have accounting degree, and also hotel and tourism management degree. I've been working in Accounting field for 4 years as well as hotel field, but recently I'm not really happy with what I was doing. I feel that I got less pay for what I did.
I was talking to my friend about this, and he mention that there is a school in California for QA called "Portnov". The first time I heard, I dont have a brave to do it, because I have to quit my job, everything that I have now, but then I was talking to several people who also doing QA job, and they all enjoy working as a QA.
Finally, I decided to contact Portnov School and they replied my email really fast. I was a full time student in Portnov, within 5 weeks I gain so much knowledge. Mikhail, Sofia, Yana, and everybody is really nice and encouraging me. The first 2 weeks is hard, but I need to really work on it. They prepared all material but we also need to do our effort.
I tried to get the internship, but finally I ended up getting a real job Now I'm working as a QA in one of Banking Company. I am so happy for this because my goal is fulfill in 3 months. Thank you to PORTNOV COMPUTER SCHOOL for everything!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I am very happy that I went to Portnov!

I am so happy that I went to Portnov school. I was suprised to see how much the school cared about me and they treated me like family. As long as you do your best, they will do their best to support you through the process of school, internship, and looking for a job. About 8 months ago, I started working as a software QA but I had no experience and I didnt know what I was doing. My co worker told me that he went to Portnov school and he learned alot so I decided to go and now that I have completed the SQA course, I am very happy that went to Portnov. I learned so many things about the software development process and more.

Since I learned so much at Portnov, I plan to find another job which pays more. I loved it when Mikhail taught the classes because I knew right away that he is a very smart guy. Not just with SQA but with life in general. I can tell he has ALOT of knowledge about life from his experiences and he is will willing to share that with his students! And Sofia is great, she really cares about the students and wants to see us succeed. Portnov really gave me the tools I need to get a good job doing SQA and most importantly, after I finished the SQA class at Portnov it gave me alot of confidence! Thank you to everyone at Portnov, you are the best!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

That was a right choice!

My friend became the QA tester a few months before me, I saw how she has changed than she started her first job - she looked much more confident, successful and happier than I used to see her. She kept talking about Portnov School, career change and her current amazing job.

First time I didn't pay too much attention - I thought maybe it's just a new experience, new friends, and that's why she is so excited. But after 2 months after she started her internship she got the offer from the same company for the full-time position. I couldn't believe that, and decided to get familiar to this profession and school and went on the School's web-site which she recommended me and to YouTube where I found some videos about school (she provided me with the links)

Soooo... in a week I met Sofia and enrolled to the classes. First 2 weeks since I started I didn't understand, why was I doing this? Everything was so new and I had a lot of stuff to learn and I was just a little scared and confused. But somewhere in my heart (very deep) I felt that I can't give up now, I have to keep going. And I began study harder. In 3 more weeks I realized that I like Software Testing, I am into this and I started to understand all things and got a whole picture of Testing Process!

In a few days I am going to start my internship and I am soooo excited. I feel that I am on a Happy Path))) and I like what I do!
I’d like to thank Sofia and Mikhail for everything! Thank you very very very much!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I had to start my live from the beginning

I came to America a few years ago. I had to start my live from the beginning. Again have to do difficult choice about profession.

I started to take English classes at City College and take some computer classes at same time. I got a certificate. I was happy. And started my job search. But no luck there. Nobody wanted to hire me without experience.

Some how, I find out about Portnov Computer School. After I finished classes I got my first job interview. …….and job offer! I am so happy, couldn’t believe myself. All my life begins to change in America!

This is about Portnov School and people who work there. It is their help, their classes helped me to get a job. Thank you so much Michael, Sofia, Irina and everybody. This school is different from others especially because people care if you get a job. I had before a bad experience when school just wants to take your money, and don’t care what you will learn there, and if you find job after it.

I found the real help at Portnov school. They help with writing a resume, teach you what to do and what not to do on an interview. After that you feel pretty comfortable to go on interview and meet your future employer.

I met new friends there (Hi guys! ). We help to each other during the studying. And I hope we keep our relationship after school. You have to believe that you can do it too. And you will find real support at the School.

Thank you so much to everyone!

After graduating from local university my future was again in dilemma

After graduating from local university my future was again in dilemma. Question like what to do? Which field to opt? keep coming and haunted me.

I wanted to go for anything in IT but which field? Searching for some software testing courses. Then Portnov came into the search results. I called them and visited their free SQA Seminar. Finally I joined Portnov Computer School and recently got an internship with a well know bank in Bay Area?

Thanks to Portnov School for providing me excellent guidance and finally a job!!!

Life can take different directions

Life can take different directions I cannot believe .....being a arts graduate coming to software domain seems to be a dream but today I can vouch that with just 2 months of great training and hands on experience with live projects can changed my life and helped me to enter into the industry...

I am really thankful to the Portnov team to help me in getting in software testing domain.. My sincere thanks to Radhika our project manager who is always available with me even on weekends to help and give insight about the project & interview tips ..her knowledge about the subject is unbeatable..

Thanks to Mikhail for his great guidance in every step of life and finally to Sofia to send my resume to companies..... Guys these people are very genuine and honest believe me if you want to be in software tester this is a great place.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I studied here, and I like the school very much

Posted on Yelp by stansult s.
I studied here, and I like the school very much. It is great, and unique in several aspects.

First, it is reliable and trustworthy. You can be sure that nobody will try to cheat you there. Portnov and his staff do even more than they actually agree initially. If they have a way to do something they can to help you, they'll do that, sometimes in their own time, not paid. You can rely on them, just make sure you also keep to your side of agreement.

Second, their experience and professional level is surprisingly high. I was taught by the people that actually work at solid technical positions in the well-known companies of the Bay, who at the same time have ability and willingness to teach.

Third, the school (besides the professional subjects) actually teaches you how to find and get a job. Not the smart ass advises where you should boast and behave like you are the best, and mask some weird advantages when you're asked about weaknesses -- but actual practical advise, backed with years of experience and common sense (which is rare in this field :)).

Fourth, the school staff really cares about you. Yes they do. Not that they come and do for you all you have to do yourself. They really want you to be able to become independent. And if you want to refresh your knowledge, you can come back and take same courses again free!

So, the school provides you with information, equipment and opportunities. It's up to you to use them right.

I personally wasn't the brightest student and intern, but still was able to get what I needed from them -- professional knowledge, practical advices, internship experience, as well as useful tips for the job search. Now I work full time at a great company, and I'm sure that this is substantially thanks to Portnov school.

Portnov Computer School ROCKS!

I have been a QA engineer for over 10 years. I have experience testing manual and some automation. I needed to upgrade my skills with updated practices and industry standard tools.

I found Portnov online and went to the school. I met with Sofia. She and I discussed what I needed to bring my skills to a more marketable level. The classes I took were exactly what I needed! The school offered instructors who are working in the software development industry as QA managers. These are instructors who are recognized as industry gurus. My instructors were able to give me new best practices and upgraded tools that I was able to parlay into a well paying position.

Thank you, Mikhail, Sofia, Olga, Vlad, Lena, and of course, Tatyanna! Without the training I got from Portnov, I would not be moving on in my career. I would be stuck or worse, left behind. Much respect should be paid to this school. They offer classes that reflect what's going on with the software development industry. This industry is ever evolving.

Portnov offers classes that will get you into the job market and remain competitive. You guys totally rock! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Portnov Computer School changing lives of many in Silicon Valley!!!

I heard about this school from my friends who started their career at Portnov। The school’s reputation motivated me to enroll in the program। Thank you Sofia, Mikhail for making my career change a breeze. Especially Sofia for setting up interviews for me right away after I am done with my classes till I got one.

She encouraged me through out the process। I have been placed as an intern in a company after four interviews. The professors are good at teaching to the point and the project was very helpful. Mikhail’s tips to get through the interview and getting a job are very helpful.

Portnov Computer School did really help me start a new career.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Decided to change my career and become a QA Engineer

Decided to change my career and become a QA Engineer that's when I came across Portnov Computer School. Was very nervous of leaving a paid job considering the economy and starting as an intern.

Mikhail assured me that this is the right time to do it. Started taking classes and before I could even finish my course Sofia placed me in a very good company as an intern. Mock interview done by Olga really helped me to prepare for the interview.

So a big thank you to Mikhail, Sofia and Olga for making my transition so smooth. I would highly recommend Portnov School to anybody who want to change their carreers.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I have been in the Software testing game for over 10 years

I am a well seasoned Senior QA. I have been in the Software testing game for over 10 years. I needed to upgrade my skills to include more in-depth knowledge of automation testing tools. This school employs highly regarded, professionals who are not just talking heads. These people have day jobs in the industry. These are industry leaders, experts and lettered professionals. The instructors are hands on and accurate. As for the owner of the school, he stakes his professional life on each graduate. Now, that is saying something! I respect and adore my instructors. Tough and through. Smart and friendly, even the ones who act gruff!

I give this school big props. It has earned my respect. I would say this is one of the best scholastic experiences I have ever had. They have taught me cutting edge techniques and time saving short cuts. If you are in the QA industry, you know that short cuts to create robust testing is priceless! I know I am getting the training that I need to stay competitive and marketable.

When I'm in class, I feel happy. That's how damn good it is in class. I'm getting the training I need to continue my career as a Software QA. As for Sofia, all I can say is she is smart, sweet, kind and helpful. She is a true gem! I don't want to forget Olga, who will hold your hand and listen to any self doubts you have. She is helpful and reassuring. She keeps the front office moving. Also, the tech support of Nikita. Anytime I had any technical issue that I could not resolve, Nikki was there to fix it.

Really, this school is a win-win for both the student and our ever changing industry. Portnov is truly as good as it gets!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Is Portnov Computer School for real?

I like that question. It just came up on Yahoo Answers.

There is not much of a discussion around the question anyway. Still there is something in it, which makes me to think about how folks make their educational choices. I would rather go to the school and look at it myself. No matter how much others like it or probably dislike it what does that really mean to you?

And yes, 85% of students come by referral, not because they read something on our web site or any other web resource.

If you read that post, why don't you go and contribute to the discussion, whatever it might be.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Portnov school has helped me to have a good start for my career change

I used to work in the chemical industry. In order to get into that field, I had spent years of time to finish my Master’s degree. Due to various reasons, I decided to make a career change. I was quite wondering at one time, was I going to spend another years of school to get a professional job?

On an occasion, I heard about Portnov Computer School. I decided to give it a try even I was skeptical if one could get into computer testing field only after a few months of training.

I started to attend the training program in early December last year, now I am already working as a QA intern. What I had accomplished during this few months of training were quite a lot that enables me to feel comfortable to start working on my internship job.

Since I attended community colleges, universities and several professional training schools before, I can speak from my personal experience that Portnov school offers an excellent choice for training to help these people who want to have a quick career change.

I’d like to thank Michael and Yana who provide me this opportunity and build my knowledge and confidence to start my new career and other people there at Portnov Computer School.

Lastly, I would like to personally thank Sofia, she kept encouraging me and worked hard to help me to a good start of my new career. Thanks Sofia!


Asha thanks Portnov Computer School

Before I could start I would like to paste this quote below.

"The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you."

Yes the quote says everything, its Mikhail, the father of "Portnov School" who made it happen, though he is strict in class, he is a wonderful person with brilliant ideas. Every time I met him it was like a challenge to learn new things from him. He is an extraordinary person with g8 skills. Thanks Mikhail.

Sofia - she is a Mother so kind polite and caring and in fact everyone should look at her, wow she is so active, she helped me in scheduling internship interviews, she has a lot of patience. Thank You Sofia.

Yana she is a wonderful person, she trained me for the mock interview, told my weakness, I did not stop after that, I came home worked my weakness, and always had in mind what Yana told me. She is very confident, loving with a bright smile on her face always. Thanks Yana.

Olga, she helped in getting my resume appointments, as well as she was my instructor in one class, she is amazing, she explains giving lot of examples. Thanks Olga.

Lastly, Marina - I treat her like a mother, so calm, polite who knows everything, she gives attention to each and every student no matter what, she makes sure everyone are on the right path in their project. She has a lot of patience like others have, all 5 are the pillars of the school. Without them there is nothing. This is the place I learnt how to be dedicated, they are all so dedicated towards their duties.

No matter what they always gave us the right knowledge. Today I am in a job because of all these people. I would like to thank Mikhail again for preparing me for the job interviews specially the resume preparation.

I would like to thank Mikhail, Sofia, Yana, Olga, Marina and all the other tutors who have given me the opportunity to build my knowledge and confidence to start my career in USA. Thanks a ton.

Sofia and Mikhail I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you've done to help me. Thank you very much, I have no words other than thank you.

They are amazing people. If you want to start your career as QA engineer, the doors of Portnov School are always open, go ahead with confidence and trust in God, you will get what you want.

"If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily"


Thursday, April 21, 2011

It was a precious time for me attending classes

Dear Sofia, Mikhail and other school staff!

I would like to thank you all for your hard work, help, support and sharing experience with me. I got a good education at school and I was able to find a job I was dreaming about.

It was a precious time for me attending classes, meeting great people and going for the internship.

Being at your school feels like being at home where you are treated in a special way and you are very welcomed.

I thank you all and I love you all.

Your student,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Portnov School has been an outstanding experience for me

I greatly appreciate the hard work & effort that Michael Portnov and Sofia Pravdina bring to the table. Michael Portnov and Portnov Computer School instructors work together to provide a great experience over the school courses. There is a lot of information with regards to this course, but the instructor kept me interested from beginning to end. In addition, I loved how the instructors were able to not just incorporate real world work experience into the presentation but also there-own everyday personal experiences.

Again, Michael and Sofia thank you!

David Blumin

I owned a construction company

Until a few months ago, I owned a construction company. When the crisis hit the economy, I started loosing my customers. One day, I realized that my business is dead – no clients, no money, no future. The situation had put me in the position when I was ready to do anything – just to survive.

My friends told me about Portnov School and how this school helps people to get new profession – QA Engineer. After some hesitation, I joined the school for the QA Express course.

Two months went by like one day. I decided not to wait for the internship and posted my resume online. I started receiving lots of calls, but no one invited me for the interview. Finally, two weeks later, I was invited for the face-to-face interview. This was my first interview and, as it turned out, the only one. Two days later, I got the offer for the Software QA Engineer’s position with Philips Healthcare.

I think the key for my successful interview was the training provided by Michael and the confidence he instills in people. Also, all materials that I found on the school’s website as well as videos on YouTube for the preparation and handling an interview were very helpful.

It is hard to believe that within 2-3 months I have completely changed not only my career but my life as well.

Michael, thank you very much for everything that you do for people that helps them find themselves and confidently stand up!

Portnov provided me with all the help that needed to suceed

After 12 years as a non working person, I was scared to enter the job market and was wondering where to start, when I met a neighbor, who was also a former Portnov Computer School student, who told me about the school and asked me to look it up. I went ahead and researched a lot about it on the Internet and read a lot of good reviews about them. So I went ahead to Portnov School and met Sofia.

The first time I met Sofia, she came across as a very energetic person and ready to answer all the questions thrown at her. When I went to Portnov School I was ready to sign up for the class, but Sofia advised me to sit in a class and see if it is something for me and then I could decide. Which was a very nice gesture. When I went in to the first class and heard Michael's presentation I was very impressed. Michael came across as a very straight forward person who stated facts and said “We provide a career change but it is ultimately up to you” I decided then and there this was something I can do and was very excited.

I went ahead and joined the class and got Yana as my instructor. Yana was very thorough in her class and expected the same from us. She made me realize that QA people need to be concise but analytical. We had a rigorous 9 week course at the end of which Michael gave very, very good tips for job search.

Just three days later Sofia set me up for an Interview for internship. I started working 3 days later. Seven weeks into the course my manager offered me a permanent position and I had 2 other offers for jobs. I finally ended up taking one of the other offers and left my internship in 8 weeks.

Portnov provided me with all the help that needed to suceed.

At this time with all my heart I only want to say one thing and that is “Thank you Michael, Sofia and Yana for giving me the confidence and expertise to go out and make a place for myself”.

Thank you,


Dreams come true

Hi everybody, let me tell my story, how I am became QA Engineer

A year ago, I arrived to the US as a winner of DV lottery.

I have computer background. But when I try to find job in USA for my specialization, the biggest that I receive that chance to be cashier in store or cleaner in bank! Not so bad!? Yes not so bad for beginning, but not for me. I spent 5 month for understanding that everything is not so easy, and I need help of professionals. That is why my second decision was go to study. College!? But it will take too long time and cost too much!

That's why I decided to start with training in Portnov Computer School to gain new professional knowledge, learn the rules of the job market, get acquaintance with everyday American reality, and finally to get an intellectual job within IT industry.

So "Welcome to Portnov Computer School!". Mikhail not just met me in airport (I arrived from other state), also he helped me find apartments and good roommates (school students) for few month!

During the initial period of training, I was busy all the days with a plenty of new information. I’ve been stood vigorously as a full time student from 10am to 11pm 5 days a week. It is of crucial importance to stay at school as much time during the day as you can, because environment there is very special. Stuff is extremely helpful and amicable in school. The biggest interest for me was in Automation testing, I chose Selenium (as you may know school has classes of QTP, Silk and Selenium). I took course of SQA, Technology and Selenium automation testing.

After 2 month training in school, I have really helpful mock interview with Yana. On this interview Yana show some holes in your knowledge, or help find better words how showing your previews experience. And also it help you be prepared for real interviews, after interview with Yana, I was not scared anymore. I was in few interviews, but one of them was most complicated, because company was looking for somebody who could work with Automation testing. School training and short practical QA experience supported by the knowledge from my previous profession were enough to pass this interview and I got contract. First month it was unpaid internship contract, then 2 more months it was paid internship in this company....And one week ago I was offered a full-time position with benefits!!! And I really happy Because the company has ranked on the top 50 fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley. Company connects digital merchants providers, network operators and consumers with payment, commerce and marketing services.

I am working in one of the fast growing company in Silicon Valley, I work with automation Selenium and I love my job.

When I got offer I still attends school for evening classes several times a week, and becomes more and more skilled specialist in SQA.

Thank you so much, Ellie (Selenium class) and David (Technology class), You’re the best teachers that I ever met. Thank you Ellie for you positive attitude and David for your patience. You help me so much on my way in QA.

Of course the biggest and warmest regards to the Sofia, she Like Second Mother for all students and she never gives up!

And Mikhail, base of school. His "Job search" class really stimulates you for growing as professional and gives you so many tricks to find good job faster! Thank you!

And last what I want to say for future students! You should remember that Sofia and Mikhail just show you a way...they will not learn instead you! YOU should study, study and study...and then YOU will reach your target! Portnov Computer School gives you choice for better life! Good luck

Portnov School - the right choice for me

Sofia and Mikhail I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you've done to help me. Thank you for all the assistance you have provided me during the training at Portnov school. Thanks for being so supportive. I appreciate the information and advice you have given me. Your expertise and help have been invaluable during this process. Thank you for helping me find a job. I highly recommend Portnov School for any one who is looking for a start in the field of Software Quality Assurance. Again, thank you so much.

Warm regards,

If you are ready to help yourself Portnov school is there to back you up

Thank you Mikhail and Sofia!!. If not for Portnov school I wouldn't know anything about QA and wouldn't have been able to start my career. Internships they provide is the key to succes as it gives real world experience and confidence to do well in interviews and the job itslef. I have enjoyed Mikhails job search classes, he gives such invaluable information and tips!!

Sofia is as friendly as ever!! If you are ready to help yourself Portnov school is there to back you up and give you the platform and edge over others!!

Road to success in QA is through Portnov school!!

I had about few years of work experience

I had about few years of work experience. Had to take some break, because of personal reasons. Then, started to look out for job this year beginning. Din't get good responses. Hence, started to learn courses in Portnov School.

At the end of the course, I am able to get into an internship. I am very happy to start the work.

Thank you so much for all your help.


From dentistry to QA

Once I caught luck for its tail and won a Green Card. As far as it was my dream since childhood I didn’t hesitate a minute with a decision whether to move to the USA or not. I packed my bag and went to America two weeks after I had had my immigrant visa in the pocket. Obviously, I realized that obtaining permanent legal US residences only won’t let me get all the benefits from life that I desire to achieve. You have to do something for living without any doubt to succeed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring my profession into new environment right away for several objective and subjective reasons. I’m a dentist by the way. Thus, I had to choose another specialty to start up in US. Being in Russia and awaiting for my visa approval I accidently encountered some data in regards of Portnov Computer School when browsed through the internet. The first feeling was: “No, it’s not for me. I’m too much far away from that field”. A week or two later I looked through Portnov web site once again more thoroughly, read some reviews and testimonials from former students and catch myself on mind that at least I could try. Anyway, I won’t lose much in case it’s not for me at all. Moreover, I was questioning: “If my brother became a developer why I can’t work in IT sphere?” At last, having enlisted the relatives’ support I asked Mikhail for enrollment.

My first class was the next day I crossed the border. Then I’ve been studying vigorously as a full time student from 10am to 11pm 5 days a week. It is of crucial importance to stay at school as much time during the day as you can, because environment there is very special. Stuff is extremely helpful and amicable in school. In case you have a question related to the subject or perhaps to some tool installation on your laptop you will probably find a solution there. Moreover, you are more likely to get on fly an opportunity to go for a paid internship interview when offer arrives to the office at the time you are present at school. This is how it happened to me three weeks after I started. Although, my first interview experience didn’t result in success, I passed the second one. So, now I am doing my second week of my paid internship in the company which office is located in San Francisco, the city I am in love with. Does it sound as success for a person who is only two month in America and who doesn’t have any IT background? Yes, it is! And it’s only the beginning. For sure it is!

Once again, I would like to thank all the people who supported me on my path from meeting at the airport through educational process to getting the internship. Among them are Mikhail Portnov, Sofia Pravdina, Yana Mezher and of course, my new friends and roommates who believed in my progress from beginning. Thanks a lot.

I received proper guidance and support

Sofia/Yana/Mikhail -

I am so grateful to all of you for helping me enter my first step in my career. I am totally happy for the decision I made to join Portnov school. I received proper guidance and support for getting my internship and a job now! I was so confident in the interview because of the training I received! The resources available on the school website was so useful to prepare.

Over all, Portnov school was the main reason for the bright turning point of my career! Thanks a ton to Sofia, Yana and Mikhail!


I got contract and finally landed in full-time position

I joined portnov in Jan '10 and got into internship from Sofia's contacts. In a month I got contract and finally landed in full-time position at a start-up.

I thank Sofia for her effort to place me in the position i was interested.


The quality of the QA training at Portnov is awesome

I am very much thankful to Mikhail, Sofia and Yana for the QA Training, help with resume preparation, and further for the placement in the internship program.

The quality of the QA training at Portnov is awesome. I felt much more confident after taking the 10 weeks class, and working on their ongoing real time projects. The quizzes in the class along with the practice interview makes me well prepared to face any interview.

Just after finishing the course Sofia forwarded my resume for the internship. Within an week, I received an interview call and I have got the opportunity as well for this paid internship where I am currently working.

I would recommend Portnov to anyone who wants to pursue their career in QA.

I regret the fact that I did not come to know about Portnov earlier

I am thankful to Mikhail, Sofia and Yana for the SQA Express Training, help with resume preparation, arranging the interview and further for the placement in the internship program.

The training that I underwent in Portnov during the last two months is a valuable learning to me. The lectures followed by the hands on practice in the real time projects along with the interview tips helped boost my confidence. I am sure that this training program with Portnov will prove as an asset all through my professional career. I appreciate the time and effort that Mikhail, Sofia and Yana spent for making it happen to me and many more like me.

Mikhail helps lay a strong foundation of QA processes and methodologies through his introductory class. His Job Search Session during the training works wonders and gives us very important interview tips. This session motivates us with a 'Go Get It' attitude.

Yana is an excellent instructor and Project Manager. She is great at explaining the concepts and helping with the hands on. Her Management skills during the live project helps us develop the potential to work in teams reporting to the leads exactly as in a real company. Her tips and suggestions always proved handy to me. The quizzes in the class along with the practice interview makes us well prepared to face any interview.

Sofia is the best when it comes to arranging interviews and placing the students. I appreciate the way she handles each student's needs to place them. Taking into consideration that I do not drive, Sofia helped me find internship in San Jose itself. I am greatly thankful to her for that. She also makes sure that the students are well-prepared and have all the information required to attend interviews. I guess that's what also makes her the favorite among recruiters who in turn are very positive about the candidates she sends.

I regret the fact that I did not come to know about Portnov earlier. My experience with Portnov encourages me to recommend the training offered here to everyone who are looking for a job/professional change.

I could not have done it without the encouragement, inspiration, knowledge and drive that Portnov imparted through this SQA Express Training, Projects and Quizzes. Once again, extending my deep gratitude to Portnov School, Mikhail, Sofia and Yana...

If you are skeptical read this....

I come from the banking field and have no computer knowledge (besides the daily, basic online surfing and e-shopping). I joined Portnov very skeptical as to how much I can learn in 10 weeks, but let me tell you I learnt a lot thanks to my fabulous teacher Yana, who started with the very basics and was always there just in case I needed any additional help. After the end of the course she helped us with mock interviews which added a great level of comfort in real life. Thanks Yana you are truly an amazing teacher

Then job finding, Mikhail held job search classes which were invaluable. It is a skill that you will use for as long as you plan to have a career and he makes the classes a lot of fun. Thanks Mikhail your classes were great.

Last but not least Sofia works extra hard and acts as you personal cheerleader to get you that first step to the career that you wanted. She is diligent in her responses and so understanding. Thank You Sofia for everything.

I would like to conclude by saying that if you dreamed to become a QA engineer there cannot be a better school than Portnov....GUARANTEED!!!!

Portnov improved my confidence

I thank Portnov for helping me find a job. I got placed immediately a week after completing my course. Thanks a lot to Sofia and Mikhail. Mikhail's interview class was very useful.

I would like to also say about Yana. She is a wonderful instructor. She always listen and give chance for everyone to ask question or discuss.

Portnov's assistance with internship is awesome. I would recommend Portnov to anyone who wants to pursue their career in QA which I've already started.


Portnov Three Cheers

Thanks, Portnov.

I should say that if their is an realty of Education than that is the Portnov.
Sofia and Mikhail are the two Pillars who have made the destiny of those people who were really not confident about them, about their knowledge.

Lets share my destiny I came here as a Null Value in QA Environment and i still know that if I would have not joined the classes of Portnov I was nowhere.

Let me tell you about the Angel Lady Sofia she has one of the all fillings of God.
I was desperate about my carrier and I see that she is even more desperate for her student that they should get some place in IT market as a QA Tester.

And one thing I would like to add that Internship either Paid or Unpaid is so Important for anybody to let stand you in Company because Internship gives you lot of Potential confidence at the time of Interview.

I feel so confident after the Unpaid internship that I gave another interview and I cleared that interview which is now Paid.

Three cheers to Portnov!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I joined Portnov school last year this time

I joined Portnov school last year this time and before I finish my course only Sofia scheduled me couple of internship interviews and as soon i completed the course i joined my first internship,which was for one month. On my last week of the internship i called sofia and informed the same, the same week she sent me to an interview for another internship(paid). Now i got converted to Full time on the same company. I really thank Sofia and Mikhail so much for all the very quick responses and help, and also for showing me the right path.

Hopefully, this will be my full time job

I came to Portnov school last March. I finished most of classes then Michael started to modify my resume and I joined project leading by Yana. Meanwhile, Sofia started to send me out for interview. Then I got a job. Hopefully, this will be my full time job.

Thanks Sofia, Michael, and Yana.

Sofia will not give up

My first major hurdle and accomplishment was awesome and joyful when I got an unpaid internship for about 3 months.

Then when it was over, I began interviewing for paid internships and regular full time SQA jobs. Even after several interviews resulted in the companies NEVER responding
yes or no, she still encouraged me to keep interviewing. Then Yana coached me and I became more focused, concise and on-target at my interviews and I finally got a paid internship!... I will be starting on Monday!

Thanks to Sofia, Mikhail, Radhikaa, Yana, Alex of Memocast, Ellie from Selenium,
Tanya from QTP, and all my fellow students!

Thank you for the opportunity to start a new carreer and new life!

I am a successful QA Engineer working in well known company, and making a good salary. All of this just happened in the past 2 years. I am looking back to that time where I just arrived to California, had no friends and just started to work as an accountant making a little money. After a few months I realized that all people around me working in high-tech companies are actually very successful. And that is where I started to think about changing my career. Luckily I found the Portnov school!

From the very first day I knew it was a right place for me. Mikhail and Sofia met me warmly and inspired me with their high enthusiasm and stories about recent graduates who got a nice jobs just couple of months after they started classes in Portnov school. I decided to follow every step that Mikhail teaches in school about technology and job search. Of course I had all these concerns:
#1 Why would a company hire me, when my knowledge of English is limited?
#2 Why would a company hire me, when I have very little technical knowledge. And so on…

But I never stopped trying and after a short number of interviews I got an internship and then within a few months I got my first job! It was amazing. I couldn’t believe it! Everything worked exactly like Mikhail said.
Now I know that the most important thing is to believe in yourself and follow Mikhail’s teachings. He knows what to do, trust him!
Mikhail and Sofia, thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to start a new carreer and basically new life. I really think people like you are unique.

God bless this school.
I learned a lot. I am quite a different person now!


I am from Uruguay and I like to share my story with you

Hi everyone,
My name is Fabian, I am from Uruguay and I like to share my story with you.
My fiancĂ© and I used to live in Ohio and one day she found in internet about PORTNOV SCHOOL, then she moved here to California and after three months in the school she got a job and after that I moved and I started attend the school. And now I’m working.

This is my first internship but I’m still attending to classes at night time and I look for keep growing in my knowledge and in my carrier.

If anyone, no matter where you from, is looking for a carrier, for your future, I strongly recommend you put attention to PORTNOV SCHOOL. This decision will change your life.

Everyone in the school will work for your success, from the teacher to Michael, who is owner of the school and Sofia, she is the Director of Operations, she always support you, will fight for you to get the best place, the best company for you.
They will put you in the right way.
Give it a try!!!!

3000 miles and 2 months to SQA career

Hello everyone! Here is our “3000 miles and 2 months to SQA career” story :

My husband and I won Green Card Lottery and moved from Russia to Florida five months ago. We were very happy but we knew it wouldn’t be easy to begin new life. With our background in finance we spent two months looking for a job and all attempts were unsuccessfull. It was difficult for us to get a job in economic sphere, because we didn’t have American education, working experience in the USA and excellent English.

One day we thought: if we changed country to live in, language to speak, why wouldn’t we change our career? We read about Portnov school on the Internet and decided to move to California to become SQA engineers. It was a challenge for us to move so far across the country without confidence in getting a job in QA industry in a few months without any technical skills.

From our first days in Mountain View we have been feeling how supportive staff at the school is. Sofia and Mikhail helped us to find apartments, advised what classes to take, helped to make resumes, and finally after two months of attending the school, my husband and I got internship offers from a few companies! And only after one and a half week on my internship I was proposed to sign a job contract! We are really happy and I believe that it's only the beginning of a successful career.

I hardly believed that Portnov school could help me to get enough knowledge to find a job right away, but after I finished the study and got a job I can assure everybody that Portnov Computer School really does a great job!

If you want to change you career, your life in a short period of time I will highly recommend you to come to Mountain View to join Portnov School wherever you live now without any doubts and hesitations!

Thank you Mikhail, Sofia and all other team members for all valuable knowledge, advice and encouragement you gave us!!!!

P.S.: Thanks a lot to all our new friends who supported us!

100 time THANK YOU Michael and Sofia

Hi everyone. I would like to tell you the story of how I got a job thanks to the Portnov School.

I arrived in the USA 2 years ago from rainy Lithuania. The climate here is beautiful, the people are friendly, hospitable and smiling, my family, parents, and sister are all here; I was happy. However, my poor English and thoughts about my future career made me lose sleep . My mom’s friend told me about this good program at the Portnov computer school, but I didn’t follow her advice right away. I thought I needed only English to get a job, because I already have BA and invaluable but, as I later understood, useless experience from my country. I had already been studying English for 1 year, posted resumes on different job boards, and day by day, was waiting for recruiters to call me, but the silence was a good hint that I had to do something else to get a job.

The day I realized I should start studying at Portnov computer school finally arrived.

The absolutely spectacular teachers at Portnov school made the information easily accessible and were always ready to answer questions and to provide extra attention if necessary. However, after 3 classes we took a test. Ooh, you can’t imagine what Michael said about my results. Sofia told me that I disappointed her; I was so embarrassed, rolled up my sleeves and started studying hard. At that time, if somebody woke me up in the middle of the night, I would have, without hesitation, shot off all the definitions. Michael provided not only useful knowledge, but also encouragement and motivation that enabling us to become a proficient QA engineer.
I participated in all the projects at School during my training. After I finished my classes, Sofia helped me obtain an internship position where I worked for 4 months to gain more working experience. Although, several job interviews for paid internship position were not successful, but each helped boost my self-confidence.

One day I got an email from Sofia scheduling me for an interview in company where I’m working now. They accepted me for paid internship position. You can’t imagine how happy I was to be working there. I have never worked with such a nice and friendly team. After 5 months I was thrilled to be offered a permanent position. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

100 time THANK YOU, Portnov Computer School for making such a big difference in my life.

I would like to especially thank Michael, the father of this school, and Sofia, our angel who looks over all of us, who gives us support personally and professionally. I will never forget your help.

I would recommend this school for anyone looking out to pursue a career in SQA

I enrolled for the SQA express training in March and got an interview on the last day of my SQA course.Sofia does an amazing job in sending out the resumes and setting up interviews.Unlike other places where people only talk, this school gets you into the industry.

I completed my Internship and Sofia arranged for another interview at the school.Sofia sent me an email and also called me to inform about the interview which is a great thing.

The course is well designed and goes as per the schedule.Mikhail gives a good insight about QA.

I am glad I joined Portnov Computer School as I had been looking for job since a long time.I would recommend this school for anyone looking out to pursue a career in SQA.

Thank you Portnov Computer School!

Portnov set me up with an internship in 3 months

After I graduated from college I had a hard time finding a job and even then, I was not excited about staring a career with my major. I was looking for something else. I found Portnov randomly and thought that this was a great opportunity to get started in the software industry.

It turned out to be a great decision, Portnov set me up with an internship in 3 months and the classes prepared me well for the work I'm going to do. Everyone here wants to see you succeed, so they are always supporting you. Plus the teachers and students are very friendly, so it can be pretty fun.

Thanks to Sofia, Mikhail, Alex, Tanya, David, and Yana for all their help and sharing their knowledge. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to start a career in software quality assurance.

Dream to Reality-Portnov Computer School

Terrific school and excellent training to pursue your goal to be a SQA engineer. Thanks to Mikhail, Yana and Sofia for all your efforts and guidance to make our dream come true.I am very excited about my internship which i got through Portnov.I hope everyone will have same experience as me!!!!

Portnov is one of the best things that has happened to me

Loads of thanks to Mikhail, Sofia, and Yana for changing my life.

Portnov is one of the best things that has happened to me. The lectures of Mikhail and Yana were extremely helpful. Also Thanks to Sofia who could arrange an internship interview even before the course was done, she is really good at what she does. The job search classes(by Mikhail) worked majic while facing the interview. The technical knowledge that was imparted by Yana (and the tips)got me through the interview and now I'm actually working as an intern in a Real Company on Real project and making a difference in the QA world with my little contributions(was always a dream).
Thanks to all three of you......

My life started

I am really thankful to Sofia and Michael who were there to guide me in my QA carrier, I really dont know what magic happened to my life after coming to portnov.
I was not having a single knowledge about QA testing but the way Michael took the classes and gave a real time project to work helped me in getting and building my knowledge.

After completing the course i was very afraid now how, i will be placed but no fear when Sofia is their. She took all the pain to push us in good company to get experience.
I really thank her to making my destiny in California.

I will tell u friends if u really need to click ur destiny u should come to Portnov.

I got a job thanks to Portnov Computer School

Hi everyone. I would like to tell you my story of how I got a job thanks to Portnov School.

When I arrived to CA, I didn’t know English very well and I didn’t have a lot of friends. However, the weather here is wonderful, people are nice and always smile. I started to think how I can make money here. I worked as a bank accountant back in my motherland. To be honest, I didn’t like the job much, but decided to find a new job in this field anyway because of my experience.

I posted my resume on different job boards, and day by day I was waiting for recruiters to call me. While doing so, I started to look for some university to get an American degree, but the problem was that I didn’t have a lot of money and time for that. Three months passed by, but results from searching a job were zero. One day I occasionally met two women in a store. We talked. They were about 50 years old, and they finished Portnov School and worked as QA Engineers.

I got very interested, asked a lot of questions what is QA, how to find school, how they started to work in QA. Then I started to think if these women were able to change their lives, finish school, improve their English and find a QA job in 50+ years old, I can do it, too! When I came back home, I googled for Portnov School and found a lot of information. I called and scheduled one free lesson at Portnov School just to make sure that it fits and interests me. I liked it a lot! I felt like it was a new chance for me to get a job. It was like the second breath.

I participated in all the projects which took place at Portnov School during education. I made a lot of friends with whom we didn’t just study - we hanged out after school. After I finished my classes, thanks to Mikhail and Sofia, I got an internship position. I think it was one of the best companies for internships opportunities. People in this company gave an access to all environments, documentation and also were ready to answer all of my questions. I saw a lot of advantages: first of all my English improved a lot, I added many skills in QA. I realized that this job is more interesting for me then to be an accountant. During internship, I continued job search, but this time I was looking for job opportunities in QA. I started to receive a lot of phone calls from recruiters in opposite to my accountant job search experience. I scheduled several interviews. This helped me to get more experience in selling myself, improving my English, becoming less nervous during interviews. At the end of internship, my English was much better, my skills were in “ready to use” condition, and I have already gotten several good job offers.

Thank you Portnov School for making my life more interesting and thank you my internship company for making me more confident in myself!

I spent only 3 weeks in the school before it happened

I am really greatful to Michail, Sofia and Yana. You did what you promised 100%. I appreciate Yana's lectures. They helped me a lot in my work. Especially one on writing and reporting bugs.

Before Portnov Computer School I tried different ways to start my career in US with no luck. As soon as I joined the school I started to unterstand why. The school not only gives you knowledge but also helps you with resume, how to pass interview and the most important one - how to get a job.

I spent only 3! weeks in the school before it happend. I got not only paid intership, but actually a contract job. Sofia, without your persistence none of it would be possible. Joining Portnov Computer School was a turning point for me. I would recommend this great school to everybody who is seeking career in QA.

Thank you all one more time. It is almost like a fairy tale.

I would highly recommend Portnov School to those interested in QA

I would like to thank Portnov school from my heart.

I would really like to thank Mikhail who is excellent with years of experience in SQA. I really appreciate Sofia for helping me change my career. Sofia is very very supportive to students in the school and helps everyone to succeed in their job search.

I would highly recommend Portnov School to those interested in QA and wants good training and placement assistance.

Thanks once again

First paid internships and now a good job

My sincere thanks to Mikhail and Sofia!!! I could not have gotten this job without you.

The training taken at Portnov followed by their internships got me the current good paying job.

- Thank you Sofia for being so supportive and providing "paid" internship opportunities. I will never forget your help.
- The SQA class taught by Mikhail helped me to excel, to stand out and eventually become employee from contractor. Especially all the details and tips from real life experience shared by Mikhail came real handy.

I am glad that I joined Portnov and made the right choice. My sincere best wishes to Portnov ."Thrive by helping others thrive...."

Portnov Computer School helped to get my first QA job

Hello EveryBody,

I have tried couple of training institutes with no success or hope of getting either a paid contract/internship when my friend Radhika finally referred me to Portnov. I joined Portnov and within 7 weeks got my first job interview. (This 7 weeks included training). Teachers at Portnov, specifically Sophia, Michael and Radhika helped me throughout interview process.

I am happy to have joined Portnov and got into the s/w industry so quickly beyond my wildest expectations and wish I knew about Portnov 4 years ago. I would strongly recommend anyone that is new to QA and trying out other training institutes to instead try out Portnov and fasttrack their entry into the industry.

Best QA Training

I am very thankful to Portnov in helping me get internship. Portnov really keeps it's promise. SQA classes offered at Portnov give very through knowledge of testing and Radhika's project specific classes were very helpful for me in cracking the interview. I am very thankful to Sofia for her patience and non-stop effort in looking for an internship for me.

Thanks a lot Portnov Team!!!

I enrolled for the SQA express training course in Portnov Computer School

After my Master's, I enrolled for the SQA express training course in Portnov Computer School and got a paid internship position at a great client within two months. The coursework is excellently designed and the schedule goes at a perfect pace.

Mikhail's lectures are very informative to help us understand the significance of SQA in a software development project.

Thanks to Radhika for her immense patience in teaching every class with practical demonstrations. Apart from course work she advised us on resume writing, facing interviews, having a positive attitude, and encouraged us throughout the course.

My appreciation to Sofia for being prompt in providing information and supporting us.

If you are interested in any facet of SQA, I highly recommend Portnov Computer School.

I chose Portnov Computer School to help me in my goal

Hello everyone,

When I decided to resume my career in 2010 after a 3yr gap, I chose Portnov School to help me in my goal and I can vouch that I did the right thing.

Thank You, Mikhail, Radhika for teaching so efficiently and religiously day in and out in every class. Thank You Sofia for handling the students so well and securing me an interview and an internship within one wk of submitting my resume.

I am really grateful to the School.


I started attending Portnov Computer School in late December of 2009

I started attending Portnov Computer School in late December of 2009 and was hired for a paid internship position merely two months later (in early March). I do not have a technical/computer science-related background at all and admittedly, I was initially a bit skeptical about whether or not I would be able to grasp the material well enough to ever land a paid position in the field (particularly since my strengths lie in the social sciences and I had never entertained the idea of pursuing a career in any way related to the software industry before). However, all my fears turned out to be entirely unfounded.

The absolutely spectacular teachers at Portnov made the information easily accessible and were always ready to answer questions and to provide extra attention if necessary. Mikhail’s classes were extremely informative and I feel that they really gave me a solid understanding of what the QA profession entails and how best to prepare for and pass interviews (which is tremendously valuable knowledge, to say the least). Lastly Sofia, the director of operations, was truly magnificent; she provided encouragement throughout my time at the school, checked in with me often to see how I was doing in my classes, and was incredibly supportive and attentive. Without her there to assuage my concerns, I might have decided to turn back (I am eternally grateful to her for all her guidance!).

I firmly believe that if I was able to complete courses at Portnov and to be hired for a paid internship position in a large company, that anyone who is serious about pursuing this career path can do so as well. I cannot say enough great things about this school and my experience there, and I would highly recommend it to anyone whose interests lie in this field. Thank you so much to everyone at Portnov for all of your encouragement and help, I truly appreciate it!

one of my friend recommended Portnov School

I completed my MS in Information Systems from a reputed US University and was looking for a job for the last 7 months. I tried some consultancy agencies who offered training and placement assistance. But nothing works out well and I was so disappointed. Then one of my friend recommended Portnov School. After talking with Mikhail I decided to join the SQA Express Training program. This was one of the best decisions that I have made in my life.

I would really like to thank Mikhail who is excellent with years of experience in SQA. Radhika is very professional not only as a good instructor but also as a good mentor. She encouraged me all the time and made me more confident. I really appreciate Sofia for helping me change my career. Sofia is very very supportive to students in the school and helps everyone to succeed in their job search.

Upon completion of this excellent training, Mikhail helped me preparing my resume and Sofia forwarded my resume to various companies. I had three Interview calls and I got QA Internship offer from two of them.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Mikhail, Radhika and Sofia for all their guidance, effort and support. I would highly recommend Portnov School to those interested in QA and wants good training and placement assistance.


Portnov Computer School as a gate to US

A year ago, I arrived to the US as a winner of DV lottery, and a few days ago I became a full-time employee in one of the best Silicon Valley companies.

Between these two events, there is a year-long path of establishing new life in a new country.

Actually, after getting American visa, I realized that my chances to find a job in the US based on my previous achievements and experience are close to zero due to the economic crisis. That's why I decided to start with training in Portnov Computer School to gain new professional knowlegde, learn the rules of the job market, get acquaintance with everyday American reality, and finally to get an intellectual job within IT industry.

Portnov School is much more than just a school.
From the very first day newcomers get help and advice in all unknown elements of American life: rent apartment, obtain SSN, open bank account etc. Any everyday question is easy solved with the help of more experienced students. Mikhail and Sofia devote a lot of time to get a clear picture of an individual student situation, to suggest the most suitable company for internship.

The great feature of this school is that beginners are allowed to attend advanced classes without extra charge. So during the initial period of training, a student is busy all the days with a plenty of new information. Then after starting internship, a student attends school for evening classes several times a week, and becomes more and more skilled specialist in SQA.

In summer 2009, although the job market was dead, Sofia suggested a really nice company for my internship. I learned a lot from them and hoped to get a
full-time position there, but the crisis hit the company, and in September I was forced to search for another opportunity. And again, in a couple of days
Sofia organized my interview in even the better company. School training and short practical QA experience supported by the knowlegde from my previous profession were enough to pass this interview and I got contract.
After half a year of contract, I was offered a full-time position with benefits.

So, Portnov system works, and Portnov Computer School opens the door to American life for many people like me.

Thank you, Mikhail! Thank you, Sofia!


Portnov school: stays true to their word

Attending portnov school was 'THE' wise decision I have made in years. I was able to overcome my interview fears after listening to Radhika's and Mikhail's career advices. I wud like to thank the Portnov team(Mikhail, Radhika & Sofia) whole heartedly for all their efforts to get me an internship.

After getting a Masters in CS from Calstate, LongBeach I was not able to land in a software job. Had couple of painful experiences from consultants, which actually made me very depressed. Almost 5 years passed by and I had almost given up on job hunting. But two months of QA training and interview tips from Mikhail and Radhika changed everything. I got hired. I wish I had found this place and joined here many years ago. Better late than never.

Anybody who wants to join, no need to have a second thought. This school don't give any false promise like the consultants but stays true to their promise and help us in achieving our career goals.

- Deepa

Portnov is a great place for someone to start their career in QA

Portnov is a great place for someone to start their career in QA. Michael, Radhika and Sofia are three angels who would make your dream come true, if the dream is to become a tester. I would defenitely recommend to people who want good training and guidance for internships.

PORTNOV: The best in software Quality Assurance!

I really don't know where to start b'use I have been student of the school for a long time and I was always welcomed with same love an affection as you would get from your near and dear ones when you visit your home country.

I am very much thankful to Mikhail for assisting me in resume preparation, tips in job search , conducting internships at school for people who cannot afford to commute long distances etc, I found great benefit since I stay in mountain view and another thing was that you can take free repetition classes until you are comfortable with the subject an I think that was a huge advantage and that is why Portnov differs from other QA training schools.

About Sofia, she is a blessing for me, she provided me with paid internship and even after the internship she supported me giving different options to explore, different interviews, internships, and the list is endless. Even if you finish your internship, please do go back to Sofia, she sure will help you.

Radhika is very spontaneous and very good at what she does and I gained lot of confidence and now I know where to go if my employers let go of me.

All in all Portnov is for people in need, oasis for deserted people. I thank Mikhail, Sofia, Radhikaa for all your support and I hope everyone who reads this will make the best decision of their life by joining PORTNOV.

All the best,

Portnov was exactly what I needed!

After earning my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from UC Davis I was unable to get a software job, weeks turned into months, months into years. Before I knew it 5 years had gone by and still no gainful employment. One fateful day I learned about Portnov and went in to speak with Radhika. After discussing the program with her, I decided to join. After 2 months of QA training and life/career advice from Mikhail and Radhika, Sofia sent my resume out. Two hours later I recieved a call, the next day an interview, and one week later I was hired. I wish I had heard about Portnov Computer School 5 years ago!


PORTNOV: School of magic catalyst !!

My heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Sofia's effort and Mikhail's guidance which helped me get an Internship.

I truly appreciate Sofia's work who was very patience in listening to my problems and helping me get an internship in this tough job market.

It's been over a year since have been attending Portnov School and feel like it is a home away from home for me ...because you know if you are in trouble in finding a job/internship school is there to help you out and guide you.

Joining Portnov school was the best decision in my life and dream come true !!
I'm thankful to Sofia and Mikhail from the bottom of my heart for changing my career. I truly appreciate your effort and sincerity...You guys rock !!

Thank You,

I joined Portnov Computer School on dec 15 2009

I joined Portnov on dec 15 2009. I got job on Feb 5 2010. These two days changed my life.

Radhika encouraged, helped and supported me throughout my course. She gave helpful insights for interviews and coached me thoroughly that I am able to land up in a full time 6 month internship. She is very dedicated, professional with in-depth knowledge in Quality Assurance. She provided real time scenarios for each and every question we ask. I found where my strengths were in a short time after I attended her class. She treated me just like her friend. She still helps her students even after job placement. Take Radhika's class if you really want a job in QA.. if not you are going to miss something in life. She is the best......... 5 stars

Mikhail did a great job in career counseling. He conducted many quizzes which helped students to identify their weakness. He worked very hard to place each and every student. He always tells his students to "Do right things" at job. He values people who work hard and really helps them in finding job. He is a person with lots of energy while teaching and who believes in students that they can perform well in their job.

Sofia submitted my resume to two companies in just one day and those two companies called me on the same day. I have never come across such situation in which I could have multiple interviews on the same day. Hats off to her. She gave good reviews about me to companies, which fetched me a job. I got a mail from the company for an interview at 3.00 pm. I didnt check it since I was driving home. She was very kind to call me and asked me to check my mail as soon as possible... I owe her a lot.

I like to end with
"God is not every where, thats why he created angels..."
(Mikhail, Radhika, Sofia)
These three people changed my life.

- Divya (Dec 15 2009 batch)

Forever grateful to Portnov Computer School

I had worked as a software developer earlier but then I had a long break in my career. I wasn't sure of when or if I ever will be able to get back to the software field. I tried attending courses in community colleges and doing certification courses but nothing helped. The big question was how was I going to get the confidence and the skills that I needed to land a job in this industry. That's when a friend recommended Portnov School. This was THE BEST decision that I ever made.

The instructors at this school are highly qualified and very competent. Micheal and Sofia are very co-operative. Portnov School equips you with all the required skills to gain knowledge in the software QA field, study materials, tips for job search, resume writing and facing the job interviews.Once you start attending the SQA classes there your confidence is boosted and you develop a very positive attitude. In no time I got selected for an internship which finally got converted into full-time employee position. I want to mention here that this happened just when recession started hitting the job market.

I will remain forever grateful to the teachers, Micheal, Sofia, and the entire staff at Portnov. My advice to all : if you are a lost ship in the ocean, there is a lighthouse that will give you the right direction to get to the shore: Portnov school!!

Best wishes,

For a good start in QA career...Portnov is highly recommended!!!

I want to thank you Sofia for all the support you gave me. You encouraged me in getting an internship. The same company offered me a contract.

Without your support, getting a job in this economy would be a dream.

For a good start in QA career...Portnov is highly recommended!!!

Thank you Sofia!!!

the Portnov Computer School was there to help my career

I would like to thank Portnov school from my heart, without Mike, Sofia and their faculties help, I couldn’t find a job so quickly in such an downturn economy environment.

Before coming to the school, I have been looking for jobs for almost five months and couldn’t get one, I found out that even I have SQA experiences but they are limited to a particular field and out of date. Without learning new QA testing methodology and automation technology, I found it hard to land myself a job.

Fortunately, the Portnov Computer School was there to help my career. I like here because they really care about your success and the more effort I put in, the more pay off I got. Fortunately, I applied what I learned from school during interview and got a job.

I would strongly recommend the school to anyone from entry level to veteran SQA engineers, looking to add to their own value to by learning new technologies

Jess L. Ger

Portnov gave me a new career

Portnov school staff and teachers everyone has helped me a lot. They have helped me at the right time to begin my career and proved that if we can put our efforts they will definitely help us to achieve our career goals. Right now, I am working with a company at San Mateo.

I would like to thank the team of Portnov school whole heartedly for helping me throughout my hardship and put efforts to get an internship which was converted into contract job based on my performance.

"If you have the will power, they are ready to help you achieve your career goals".

Thanks a lot!! once again.

I came to US and struggled a lot in searching a job

I completed my MCA in India and worked as a developer India. I came to US and struggled a lot in searching a job. I have tried job portals, communicated lot of professional people, joined NOVA, etc. but everything went waste. Then I came to know about Portnov through one of my friends, but kept on postponing in joining and pushed myself to give a last try on my own. But nothing worked.

During my QA sessions, I felt I did good thing by joining Portnov; but during my QTP sessions I felt I did the BEST thing. Mikhail is very kind and helped me with my resume. And within no time I got an internship. Sofia is super with lot of patience and answered all my questions and helped me with the intership. And Radhika is very nice and inspired me to study well and get ready for the interviews.

MIKHAIL, SOFIA, RADHIKA, the three consistent and strong pillars of Portnov. They all helped me in getting me the work. I am really grateful to all of them. Thank you very much. Now I hope I will get settle soon in my career.

Their Interview tips during the sessions and their online study material helped me a lot in my interview.

PS: Do not postpone joining Portnov. Just enter and forget about ur career bcoz, your career will be taken care by the three pillars (but you have to put your efforts too in studying)

I joined Portnov with no QA experience

I joined Portnov with no QA experience. The SQA course was really very enlightening and Mikhael is one man who knows his stuff. I would recommend every person who wishes to have a career in QA to attend his class. At Portnov they not only focus on the theoretical aspects of QA, but also provide hands on training on various technologies that are very widely used in the industry. Radhika was very helpful preparing the students for the industry. They not only give good training but they try their very best to get you interviews for job placement and internships. Sofia rocks in that regard.

Portnov was instrumental in finding me an internship and currently a QA contractor position in a start up company. Thanks a lot to Sofia, Mikhail and Radhika. You have helped me successfully embark on my career.

For those who are looking for a good start in QA I would highly recommend this school. Join Portnov and start your career happily!!!

The people at Portnov exceeded my expectations

With only a limited amount of experience in a particular field, I found myself unable to find another job after finding myself out of work with the downturn in the economy. I was eager to get into QA but didn't really have much of any of a foundation in software testing methodology so found it hard to land myself a job. Fortunately, the Portnov Computer School was there to help jump start my career.

The people at Portnov exceeded my expectations by not only providing personalized attention in helping me achieve my goal of getting an SQA internship, which is soon turning into a paid position, but also remaining committed to helping me with my career in the future, long after I have taken my last class. I would highly recommend the school to anyone who is looking to enter the software development world from the ground up as well as to those who are seasoned veteran SQA engineers, looking to add to their own value to by learning a new technology.

I came and audited my first class at the Portnov Computer School a little hesitant but since I could audit my first couple classes without commitment I was more than willing to give it a shot. After taking a couple of Portnov's fundamental courses in addition to an automation class I was given the opportunity to apply for an internship provided by the school. After putting in my dues for a couple months I was soon hired as contract employee. Fast forward to a little over 6 months later and now I have just signed a contract for full-time employment that same exciting software company in the greater Silicon Valley area.

What makes the Portnov Computer School different than other schools that I have been involved with is the personal approach they have to ensuring your success. At Portnov, you are not just another student to them; it is quickly became clear that they are dedicated to your success if you are willing to put in the effort. In terms of the amount of investment you make, the payoff makes it well worth all the time and resources. I would highly recommend the school to anyone who is looking to break into the world of software development from the beginning and also to those who are looking to expand their skill set by learning a new technology.

A genuine school with excellent staff

Hi Sofia and Mikhail,

I am very happy to tell you that I started my new job. I could not have achieved this without your help and guidance. I am thankful to both of you.

To everyone who is reading this forum to determine whether to join the school or not... Guys, trust me, once you join Portnov school it will significantly improve your chances of getting a job and in boosting your confidence level. Mikhail is always there to guide you with training, job search and interview tips and Sofia makes sure to get you interviews for internships and jobs. Unlike regular training courses, Portnov specializes is developing your interview skills and job market knowledge for the latest market conditions in addition to providing the technical training.

Good luck!!


Portnov Computer School paves way to Success

I came to US last year in December 08, got my EAD by February end and started looking for jobs in March. Despite of having close to 4 years of experience in the QA industry I was not getting any interview calls. Thanks to the bad economy. But then somebody told me about Portnov Computer School where they not only train you on different QA methodologies and the prevailing test tools in the market but also schedule interviews with different companies and hence do placements.

I joined Portnov in September 2009 where I not just brushed up my QA knowledge but also learned Selenium (test automation tool). Within a month's time I had 3 interviews and today I am placed with one of the good companies in San Francisco.

I am extremely thankful to Mikhael, Sophia and Radhika who helped get a job.


I completed my Masters in Computer Science from India

I completed my Masters in Computer Science from India.Came to U.S in 2006. I had a work permit when I came here but had no idea on where to start or how to start looking for a job.

Initially, I used to browse for the right course for me almost every day on the web. I even tried a short testing course. I loved software testing and I wanted a job in that field itself.

It was during one of my searches that I came across Portnov's site. I joined the school and completed SQA and Automation courses. After my internship I gained more confidence. Their online study materials helped me a lot in attending interviews. I learned new tips from Mikhail's job search session too.

Am now working as an automation engineer.

I had many ups and downs during my slow transition. At some point I even lost hope. But as they say, "whenever one door closes another one opens". Sofia and Mikhail opened that door for me. When I look back I see nothing I'd like to change. Each step was a learning process for me.

Thank you very much Sofia & Mikhail.

there is such place as Portnov Computer School

It might sound like another story (successful and boring about somebody other experience in finding good job and position --> but I think that it's very important to let everybody know that there is such place as Portnov Computer School!! And it is not just about learning Software QA basics, not about getting the opportunity to practice new skills and techniques, not about updating your previous knowledge --- it is about believing in yourself, in your own ability to find the right place, right people, right job (and salary as well .

A little bit about me:: best education (Russian University), but no experience and several years at home - enough to describe "finding job" as a harsh business. So... instead of spending hours and hours searching internet hoping for the best, I decided to spend some time in "back to school" --> and ... Michael Portnov's great classes is a best school I could find in San Francisco/Bay Area/Silicon Valley (forgot to mention - we even had people from Oregon and Washington states!).
And .. as a result - I am a QA Engineer!!

Many thanks to Portnov Computer School !!!

I have an undergraduate Chemistry degree

Hello prospective students and career changers,

I thought I would tell you a little story about how Portnov changed my life.

Last year around September I was looking for an entry-level IT job. That was when I happened to read Portnov's advertisement for an SQA intern. So, I went to the website to find out more. I read about other successful career changers and became really interested.

Now, I have to backtrack and tell you a little about my background. I have an undergraduate Chemistry degree and have been working as a Chemist. In my own time, I took a computer course here, a course there from community colleges to keep up-to-date with technology. In my mind, I hope that one day I would be able to change my career because I always thought it challenging but rewarding to work in the IT industry. But for the past few years, I was unable to gain a foothold into the IT industry.

After reading about Pornov's advertisement, I decided to take an introductory SQA class to see what it was about. I became convinced that if I do most of what the school and its knowledgeable teachers tell me to do, I would be able to gain employment in IT after several months.

So I took two classes in SQA, the Introduction and Technology course. Afterward, I gained an internship at a well-known web retailer doing black-box web testing, with the help of Portnov School of course. While doing the internship, I took my third course on Selenium. Right after the internship Mikhail helped me write my resume. A couple weeks after the internship, I found a contract position doing web testing at another well-known company. My dream of working in the IT industry is being realized as I write these words.

Yet, mine is but one of the many stories on this forum. I have met other successful alumni of Portnov. They are all thankful as I am to have studied here. Mikhail and other teachers of Portnov are very knowledgeable in SQA because they have actual industry experience and are good teachers. Sofia is extremely helpful and nice. Most important of all, Portnov School delivers what it promises its students if they do most of what they are told. Many grateful thanks to the wonderful people at Portnov for changing my life!!

P.S.: To hear what Portnov promises, you would have to attend the first session of the Intro to SQA class. I believe you can sit in the first session for free. Good luck with your new career!!

I have found a job in one of the leading silicon valley startups

Hello All:

I have been pleased to let everybody know that after the traning in QA, QA automation and Unix I have found a job in one of the leading silicon valley startups. Initially I had doubts on whether the course would help me in changing my career into QA but those doubts quickly were put to rest once I started attending the training.

Portnov computer school helped me find an internship, which soon converted to a
paid internetship and subsequently into a full time position.

If any one has doubt in their mind about the learning and placement for internship from portnov computer school take that away... join, learn and put your effort... Hard work and knowledge pays off!!...

Sofia and Mikhail were excellent and I would like to express my gratitude for providing me a platform to launch my career.

Thanks for everything Sofia & Mikhail


Started Portnov Computer School few months after arriving to US

I graduated from Portnov Computer school last year and would like to say thanks to Sofia and Mikhail for all the help and the support.

I started Portnov school few months after arriving to US.

I had a lot of doubts if I could really pick up all the needed knowledge in such a short period of time to start my career as a QA engineer.

Sofia and Mikhail guided me all the way to the graduation and I was placed in one of the Internships right after finishing technology and SQA classes.

It didn't take me too long to convert to a paid intern and I was working at the same company that I started as a paid intern for almost a year. Working hard payed off, recently I got converted to a full timer at the very same company.

I'm thankful to Portnov computer school for giving me the right tools to get myself into SQA industry. Portnov school helped so many people getting their job and I'm proud to be part of the statistics.

Thank you very much Sofia and Mikhail for all the help and the support. My best wishes to Portnov Computer school.

Proud student of Portnov Computer School

I am very amazed by the way Mikhail and Sophia take efforts to provide quality SQA training to us, by bringing industry luminaries to teach us. The courses are so well designed to give you confidence to work efficiently in the corporate world from day 1.

Not only that, preparing us for interviews and supporting us throughout the internship and placement process is exemplary. I wish all the teachers and staff in Portnov all the very best and wishes to continue your mission for years to come.


Thank you Portnov - a genuine school

While joining the Portnov Computer School, I was skeptical as the market was slowing down. By the time I finished the courses, the situation was bad. Even so, the school got me into two consecutive 'paid' internships. I have no words to thank Sofia and Mikhail for this.

Besides interships, I truly appreciate their help in searching a job.
Once again, thank you Sofia for all your help.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Portnov's video advices in Youtube

Recently I got a new job. While "hunting" every time after the interviews I felt that I was not really ready. But I could not get the problem. Actually, I was ready technically, I was ready physically, but at the same time I felt that some very important "part of the puzzle is missing"...

In one of the Forums I found new video topic that was created by Mikhail Portnov: " Why should we hire you". I was watching and re-watching it. And I realized my fault: during previous interviews I did not know exactly WHY they should hire particularly ME. Why am I better than OTHER candidates. I was not really motivated.

Guys, you should take a look on this video very thoroughly and get the main idea. Besides the technical info, or Info about the company you go to, or your personality, attitude and etc. and etc. You should also explain to yourself WHY you are better than others, and WHY they should hire you, not others. This is the main message..

Thanks to Mikhail Portnov and his School and his lessons!

Portnov Computer school gives you a good chance to start your career as SQA Engineer in short time

Dear friends,

I graduated from Portnov Computer school last year and would like to say thank you very much to Sofia and Mikhail. They are very good people doing an excellent job helping everyone personally to start new career and to believe in your future and dedication. With well-structured core classes supported by professional instructors, Portnov Computer school gives you a good chance to get new skills, improve your education and start your career as SQA Engineer in short time. I am very happy with Sofia and Mikhail and really recommend this school for anybody, who wants to make a career in SQA Industry.

My story:
Next week after I successfully completed QTP and QA classes, Mikhail and Sofia found a good internship for me. They placed me as Consultant in a software company. During my 2-month internship, I got excellent experience as QA Engineer.

After my Internship, Mikhail and Sofia guided me through the process of putting together a resume and getting ready to work on my own. I am generally a shy person, and therefore, getting new position wasn't very easy to me. Sofia understood my situation best of all. She was incredible supportive and helped me again to find a new job. Thanks to Mikhail and Sofia's network, I got a contract position with Kazeon Systems, a highly innovative software company in Mountain View. It was the job of my dream: great project, good payment, close to my house. They even provided free lunches. After that six month contract came to an end, I was able to get another position with Invitrogen, one of the biggest companies in Foster City which I found by myself.

Thank you very much Sofia and Mikhail for your hard work to help everyone.
My best wishes to Portnov Computer school.

I consulted my friends and they recommended QA

I would like to share with you my story.

As an artist and a psychologist by training I had been well aware that my educational background may not provide me with the abundance of career choices, especially here, in Silicon Valley. I still loved what I did and continued on, until economy spiraled down and I was among the first ones to lose my job. It seemed that regardless of what I tried I could not restore my employment in a dramatically changed and unstable job market. Suddenly, I had to re-evaluate my skills as well as abilities. Being so thoroughly artistic and non-technically inclined, for the first time, I sensed the urgency of trying a radical approach to my career.

I consulted my friends and they recommended QA. What was it - QA? I had not the slightest idea what this profession entailed. Yet, anyone I talked to admitted that this could be a possible cross-over from my bohemian jobs into something more technical, yet not too overwhelmingly so.
So, I made a quick inventory of my abilities, which included good writing skills, pretty good memory and sharp eye.....and with this I ended up at Portnov school's doorstep.

I took the initial skills assessment test and then talked to Sofia and Michael. They introduced me to the school's methodology, list of classes and some main key-points of QA tester's career. In addition, they invited me to audit several classes and get the general impression of school's environment and teaching procedures. After auditing a week of classes I made the final decision to attend the school full-time. And truly, it was new and exciting experience: the teachers were very professional, their presentations - excellent....and gradually I began to see a more complete picture of what this profession was like, which finalized with internship experience.

Could I possibly imagine that in these difficult economic times, just within one and a half month after completing my internship program, I would sign my first contract at the company I would dream to work for? And yet it happened. I understand that this does not mean the final destination. It is just
the beginning, but it an exciting beginning, which has direction and opportunities.

What the school will give you is professional instructors, well-structured system of core classes, help with your resume, an internship at the high-tech company and ever-resourceful career guidance.
What it will ask of you - hard work, belief in your future and dedication.

You can turn your life around and open many opportunities for yourself - wherever you are in your life!

Good luck!

Special thanks are:
- to Sofia for her efforts to help me with internship
- to Michael - for his smart career encouragement and humor at times when I needed it the most
- and of course, to all the new friends I met at school, who like me, have tried hard despite the circumstances and are on their way to changing their lives.