Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Started Portnov Computer School few months after arriving to US

I graduated from Portnov Computer school last year and would like to say thanks to Sofia and Mikhail for all the help and the support.

I started Portnov school few months after arriving to US.

I had a lot of doubts if I could really pick up all the needed knowledge in such a short period of time to start my career as a QA engineer.

Sofia and Mikhail guided me all the way to the graduation and I was placed in one of the Internships right after finishing technology and SQA classes.

It didn't take me too long to convert to a paid intern and I was working at the same company that I started as a paid intern for almost a year. Working hard payed off, recently I got converted to a full timer at the very same company.

I'm thankful to Portnov computer school for giving me the right tools to get myself into SQA industry. Portnov school helped so many people getting their job and I'm proud to be part of the statistics.

Thank you very much Sofia and Mikhail for all the help and the support. My best wishes to Portnov Computer school.

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