Thursday, April 14, 2011

Portnov Three Cheers

Thanks, Portnov.

I should say that if their is an realty of Education than that is the Portnov.
Sofia and Mikhail are the two Pillars who have made the destiny of those people who were really not confident about them, about their knowledge.

Lets share my destiny I came here as a Null Value in QA Environment and i still know that if I would have not joined the classes of Portnov I was nowhere.

Let me tell you about the Angel Lady Sofia she has one of the all fillings of God.
I was desperate about my carrier and I see that she is even more desperate for her student that they should get some place in IT market as a QA Tester.

And one thing I would like to add that Internship either Paid or Unpaid is so Important for anybody to let stand you in Company because Internship gives you lot of Potential confidence at the time of Interview.

I feel so confident after the Unpaid internship that I gave another interview and I cleared that interview which is now Paid.

Three cheers to Portnov!


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