Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thank you for the opportunity to start a new carreer and new life!

I am a successful QA Engineer working in well known company, and making a good salary. All of this just happened in the past 2 years. I am looking back to that time where I just arrived to California, had no friends and just started to work as an accountant making a little money. After a few months I realized that all people around me working in high-tech companies are actually very successful. And that is where I started to think about changing my career. Luckily I found the Portnov school!

From the very first day I knew it was a right place for me. Mikhail and Sofia met me warmly and inspired me with their high enthusiasm and stories about recent graduates who got a nice jobs just couple of months after they started classes in Portnov school. I decided to follow every step that Mikhail teaches in school about technology and job search. Of course I had all these concerns:
#1 Why would a company hire me, when my knowledge of English is limited?
#2 Why would a company hire me, when I have very little technical knowledge. And so on…

But I never stopped trying and after a short number of interviews I got an internship and then within a few months I got my first job! It was amazing. I couldn’t believe it! Everything worked exactly like Mikhail said.
Now I know that the most important thing is to believe in yourself and follow Mikhail’s teachings. He knows what to do, trust him!
Mikhail and Sofia, thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to start a new carreer and basically new life. I really think people like you are unique.

God bless this school.
I learned a lot. I am quite a different person now!


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