Saturday, March 26, 2011

Portnov's video advices in Youtube

Recently I got a new job. While "hunting" every time after the interviews I felt that I was not really ready. But I could not get the problem. Actually, I was ready technically, I was ready physically, but at the same time I felt that some very important "part of the puzzle is missing"...

In one of the Forums I found new video topic that was created by Mikhail Portnov: " Why should we hire you". I was watching and re-watching it. And I realized my fault: during previous interviews I did not know exactly WHY they should hire particularly ME. Why am I better than OTHER candidates. I was not really motivated.

Guys, you should take a look on this video very thoroughly and get the main idea. Besides the technical info, or Info about the company you go to, or your personality, attitude and etc. and etc. You should also explain to yourself WHY you are better than others, and WHY they should hire you, not others. This is the main message..

Thanks to Mikhail Portnov and his School and his lessons!

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