Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dreams come true

Hi everybody, let me tell my story, how I am became QA Engineer

A year ago, I arrived to the US as a winner of DV lottery.

I have computer background. But when I try to find job in USA for my specialization, the biggest that I receive that chance to be cashier in store or cleaner in bank! Not so bad!? Yes not so bad for beginning, but not for me. I spent 5 month for understanding that everything is not so easy, and I need help of professionals. That is why my second decision was go to study. College!? But it will take too long time and cost too much!

That's why I decided to start with training in Portnov Computer School to gain new professional knowledge, learn the rules of the job market, get acquaintance with everyday American reality, and finally to get an intellectual job within IT industry.

So "Welcome to Portnov Computer School!". Mikhail not just met me in airport (I arrived from other state), also he helped me find apartments and good roommates (school students) for few month!

During the initial period of training, I was busy all the days with a plenty of new information. I’ve been stood vigorously as a full time student from 10am to 11pm 5 days a week. It is of crucial importance to stay at school as much time during the day as you can, because environment there is very special. Stuff is extremely helpful and amicable in school. The biggest interest for me was in Automation testing, I chose Selenium (as you may know school has classes of QTP, Silk and Selenium). I took course of SQA, Technology and Selenium automation testing.

After 2 month training in school, I have really helpful mock interview with Yana. On this interview Yana show some holes in your knowledge, or help find better words how showing your previews experience. And also it help you be prepared for real interviews, after interview with Yana, I was not scared anymore. I was in few interviews, but one of them was most complicated, because company was looking for somebody who could work with Automation testing. School training and short practical QA experience supported by the knowledge from my previous profession were enough to pass this interview and I got contract. First month it was unpaid internship contract, then 2 more months it was paid internship in this company....And one week ago I was offered a full-time position with benefits!!! And I really happy Because the company has ranked on the top 50 fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley. Company connects digital merchants providers, network operators and consumers with payment, commerce and marketing services.

I am working in one of the fast growing company in Silicon Valley, I work with automation Selenium and I love my job.

When I got offer I still attends school for evening classes several times a week, and becomes more and more skilled specialist in SQA.

Thank you so much, Ellie (Selenium class) and David (Technology class), You’re the best teachers that I ever met. Thank you Ellie for you positive attitude and David for your patience. You help me so much on my way in QA.

Of course the biggest and warmest regards to the Sofia, she Like Second Mother for all students and she never gives up!

And Mikhail, base of school. His "Job search" class really stimulates you for growing as professional and gives you so many tricks to find good job faster! Thank you!

And last what I want to say for future students! You should remember that Sofia and Mikhail just show you a way...they will not learn instead you! YOU should study, study and study...and then YOU will reach your target! Portnov Computer School gives you choice for better life! Good luck

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