Saturday, August 13, 2011

That was a right choice!

My friend became the QA tester a few months before me, I saw how she has changed than she started her first job - she looked much more confident, successful and happier than I used to see her. She kept talking about Portnov School, career change and her current amazing job.

First time I didn't pay too much attention - I thought maybe it's just a new experience, new friends, and that's why she is so excited. But after 2 months after she started her internship she got the offer from the same company for the full-time position. I couldn't believe that, and decided to get familiar to this profession and school and went on the School's web-site which she recommended me and to YouTube where I found some videos about school (she provided me with the links)

Soooo... in a week I met Sofia and enrolled to the classes. First 2 weeks since I started I didn't understand, why was I doing this? Everything was so new and I had a lot of stuff to learn and I was just a little scared and confused. But somewhere in my heart (very deep) I felt that I can't give up now, I have to keep going. And I began study harder. In 3 more weeks I realized that I like Software Testing, I am into this and I started to understand all things and got a whole picture of Testing Process!

In a few days I am going to start my internship and I am soooo excited. I feel that I am on a Happy Path))) and I like what I do!
I’d like to thank Sofia and Mikhail for everything! Thank you very very very much!!!

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