Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Having some experience in the information technology, I stood in front of the necessity of choosing the vector of my future professional development.

The unique teaching methodology conducted by the Portnov Computer School really works! I have convinced myself in this recently. Having some experience in the information technology, I stood in front of the necessity of choosing the vector of my future professional development. The choice fell on the field of software quality assurance, and the only reputable school in this field with a great history and good references - is a Portnov Computer School. I have intensively studied in the school for a month and a half, I filled out the gaps in my knowledge, after that I was sent to the interview with real employer, there was a success and I have received internship. I would like to note that it is not necessary to have a computer background to study in a school, because teaching of any material is started from the basics. All courses are well structured and developed, have sufficient depth and completeness, classes are conducted in a fun and interactive way. All teachers are real professionals, many of them have science degrees, and very important thing that all of them have extensive practical experience in their fields. If you are really want to change your life for the better, to change the sphere of activity or climb up the career ladder - come to the Portnov Computer School! They know, they can, they do!

I went to Portnov school with my dreams 4 months ago

Portnov school is the ultimate destination for people who are really serious about their career. A place where they can make their dreams come true! Really I mean every word which I just wrote. I went to Portnov school with my dreams 4 months ago and here I am today in the a reputed software company working as Quality Engineer. Even though I am from non-IT background, all the teachers at Portnov do a really good job in teaching all the concepts very well. Mikhail, Yana, Marina everyone do a really good job. Seriously I haven't seen such honest people in years. I know a lot of desi companies out there who might not stand on their word but this place totally stands by their word. Mikhail with his immense knowledge of the industry helps in all the possible ways he can, very honest man. Sofia is the best recruiter that you can ever find. She helps a lot in arranging interviews. What else do you need when you have such supporting people around you. Just put in your best efforts and hard work and your dream will come true in no time!

I immigrated to US in 2001

I immigrated to US in 2001 and 'd met all these problems and questions familiar to all immigrants. One of the major questions was how and where to find a desent job. I was thinking about it almost a year looking at different options like to go to college , private schools , to take some program(s) etc. And if you have some degree in your profession from your homeland it 's not the case that you can work with this here in US. One day i 'd read an advertisement in newspaper of Portnov Computer School . It became a turning point in my life. I finished the School in 2003. In spite of the crisis in 'dot com' industry in 2000-s , in spite of my temporary 'swings-attempts' to earn money in financial markets ( which finally turned out to be unsuccesfull) i got a very good profession and skills. Several years i work already in software industry as a Software QA engineer and i like it. Looking back at my past i 'm sure ( more and more with time ) it was a right choice. Thank you Mikhail and thank you School !

In spring 2011 I was lost and frustrated...

May some School completely change your life within five-six months? Yes, it could happen, for real, if you join Portnov Computer School. In spring 2011 I was lost and frustrated, after my husband was relocated to SF Bay area: "What should I do? Go to College? Looking for job?" The simple answer-solution came from my new neighbors: "If your interested in software industry, detail oriented, and willing to learn - your only choice in Sillicon Valley is Portnov School with Software Quality Assurance program." In the same day I did research online, on next day I talk to the Schoo'sl director, and on the following day started the class. Yes, it was intense training with overhelming homework and overloading industry-specific information. But it was also an interactive fun-work with the Teachers/QA Top-Managers; it was a great help from School Personnel to gain a professional confidence; and it was a consolidated student-teacher effort to succeed. Today, I work in top-ranked company as a Quality Assurance Engineer. I love my profession, I am happy to go work every day, and I am proud of myself. I am proud of my, Portnov Computer School, too.