Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Portnov school: stays true to their word

Attending portnov school was 'THE' wise decision I have made in years. I was able to overcome my interview fears after listening to Radhika's and Mikhail's career advices. I wud like to thank the Portnov team(Mikhail, Radhika & Sofia) whole heartedly for all their efforts to get me an internship.

After getting a Masters in CS from Calstate, LongBeach I was not able to land in a software job. Had couple of painful experiences from consultants, which actually made me very depressed. Almost 5 years passed by and I had almost given up on job hunting. But two months of QA training and interview tips from Mikhail and Radhika changed everything. I got hired. I wish I had found this place and joined here many years ago. Better late than never.

Anybody who wants to join, no need to have a second thought. This school don't give any false promise like the consultants but stays true to their promise and help us in achieving our career goals.

- Deepa

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