Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I came to US and struggled a lot in searching a job

I completed my MCA in India and worked as a developer India. I came to US and struggled a lot in searching a job. I have tried job portals, communicated lot of professional people, joined NOVA, etc. but everything went waste. Then I came to know about Portnov through one of my friends, but kept on postponing in joining and pushed myself to give a last try on my own. But nothing worked.

During my QA sessions, I felt I did good thing by joining Portnov; but during my QTP sessions I felt I did the BEST thing. Mikhail is very kind and helped me with my resume. And within no time I got an internship. Sofia is super with lot of patience and answered all my questions and helped me with the intership. And Radhika is very nice and inspired me to study well and get ready for the interviews.

MIKHAIL, SOFIA, RADHIKA, the three consistent and strong pillars of Portnov. They all helped me in getting me the work. I am really grateful to all of them. Thank you very much. Now I hope I will get settle soon in my career.

Their Interview tips during the sessions and their online study material helped me a lot in my interview.

PS: Do not postpone joining Portnov. Just enter and forget about ur career bcoz, your career will be taken care by the three pillars (but you have to put your efforts too in studying)

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