Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I got a job thanks to Portnov Computer School

Hi everyone. I would like to tell you my story of how I got a job thanks to Portnov School.

When I arrived to CA, I didn’t know English very well and I didn’t have a lot of friends. However, the weather here is wonderful, people are nice and always smile. I started to think how I can make money here. I worked as a bank accountant back in my motherland. To be honest, I didn’t like the job much, but decided to find a new job in this field anyway because of my experience.

I posted my resume on different job boards, and day by day I was waiting for recruiters to call me. While doing so, I started to look for some university to get an American degree, but the problem was that I didn’t have a lot of money and time for that. Three months passed by, but results from searching a job were zero. One day I occasionally met two women in a store. We talked. They were about 50 years old, and they finished Portnov School and worked as QA Engineers.

I got very interested, asked a lot of questions what is QA, how to find school, how they started to work in QA. Then I started to think if these women were able to change their lives, finish school, improve their English and find a QA job in 50+ years old, I can do it, too! When I came back home, I googled for Portnov School and found a lot of information. I called and scheduled one free lesson at Portnov School just to make sure that it fits and interests me. I liked it a lot! I felt like it was a new chance for me to get a job. It was like the second breath.

I participated in all the projects which took place at Portnov School during education. I made a lot of friends with whom we didn’t just study - we hanged out after school. After I finished my classes, thanks to Mikhail and Sofia, I got an internship position. I think it was one of the best companies for internships opportunities. People in this company gave an access to all environments, documentation and also were ready to answer all of my questions. I saw a lot of advantages: first of all my English improved a lot, I added many skills in QA. I realized that this job is more interesting for me then to be an accountant. During internship, I continued job search, but this time I was looking for job opportunities in QA. I started to receive a lot of phone calls from recruiters in opposite to my accountant job search experience. I scheduled several interviews. This helped me to get more experience in selling myself, improving my English, becoming less nervous during interviews. At the end of internship, my English was much better, my skills were in “ready to use” condition, and I have already gotten several good job offers.

Thank you Portnov School for making my life more interesting and thank you my internship company for making me more confident in myself!

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