Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Portnov Computer School as a gate to US

A year ago, I arrived to the US as a winner of DV lottery, and a few days ago I became a full-time employee in one of the best Silicon Valley companies.

Between these two events, there is a year-long path of establishing new life in a new country.

Actually, after getting American visa, I realized that my chances to find a job in the US based on my previous achievements and experience are close to zero due to the economic crisis. That's why I decided to start with training in Portnov Computer School to gain new professional knowlegde, learn the rules of the job market, get acquaintance with everyday American reality, and finally to get an intellectual job within IT industry.

Portnov School is much more than just a school.
From the very first day newcomers get help and advice in all unknown elements of American life: rent apartment, obtain SSN, open bank account etc. Any everyday question is easy solved with the help of more experienced students. Mikhail and Sofia devote a lot of time to get a clear picture of an individual student situation, to suggest the most suitable company for internship.

The great feature of this school is that beginners are allowed to attend advanced classes without extra charge. So during the initial period of training, a student is busy all the days with a plenty of new information. Then after starting internship, a student attends school for evening classes several times a week, and becomes more and more skilled specialist in SQA.

In summer 2009, although the job market was dead, Sofia suggested a really nice company for my internship. I learned a lot from them and hoped to get a
full-time position there, but the crisis hit the company, and in September I was forced to search for another opportunity. And again, in a couple of days
Sofia organized my interview in even the better company. School training and short practical QA experience supported by the knowlegde from my previous profession were enough to pass this interview and I got contract.
After half a year of contract, I was offered a full-time position with benefits.

So, Portnov system works, and Portnov Computer School opens the door to American life for many people like me.

Thank you, Mikhail! Thank you, Sofia!


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