Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I joined Portnov Computer School on dec 15 2009

I joined Portnov on dec 15 2009. I got job on Feb 5 2010. These two days changed my life.

Radhika encouraged, helped and supported me throughout my course. She gave helpful insights for interviews and coached me thoroughly that I am able to land up in a full time 6 month internship. She is very dedicated, professional with in-depth knowledge in Quality Assurance. She provided real time scenarios for each and every question we ask. I found where my strengths were in a short time after I attended her class. She treated me just like her friend. She still helps her students even after job placement. Take Radhika's class if you really want a job in QA.. if not you are going to miss something in life. She is the best......... 5 stars

Mikhail did a great job in career counseling. He conducted many quizzes which helped students to identify their weakness. He worked very hard to place each and every student. He always tells his students to "Do right things" at job. He values people who work hard and really helps them in finding job. He is a person with lots of energy while teaching and who believes in students that they can perform well in their job.

Sofia submitted my resume to two companies in just one day and those two companies called me on the same day. I have never come across such situation in which I could have multiple interviews on the same day. Hats off to her. She gave good reviews about me to companies, which fetched me a job. I got a mail from the company for an interview at 3.00 pm. I didnt check it since I was driving home. She was very kind to call me and asked me to check my mail as soon as possible... I owe her a lot.

I like to end with
"God is not every where, thats why he created angels..."
(Mikhail, Radhika, Sofia)
These three people changed my life.

- Divya (Dec 15 2009 batch)

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