Thursday, July 14, 2011

I had to start my live from the beginning

I came to America a few years ago. I had to start my live from the beginning. Again have to do difficult choice about profession.

I started to take English classes at City College and take some computer classes at same time. I got a certificate. I was happy. And started my job search. But no luck there. Nobody wanted to hire me without experience.

Some how, I find out about Portnov Computer School. After I finished classes I got my first job interview. …….and job offer! I am so happy, couldn’t believe myself. All my life begins to change in America!

This is about Portnov School and people who work there. It is their help, their classes helped me to get a job. Thank you so much Michael, Sofia, Irina and everybody. This school is different from others especially because people care if you get a job. I had before a bad experience when school just wants to take your money, and don’t care what you will learn there, and if you find job after it.

I found the real help at Portnov school. They help with writing a resume, teach you what to do and what not to do on an interview. After that you feel pretty comfortable to go on interview and meet your future employer.

I met new friends there (Hi guys! ). We help to each other during the studying. And I hope we keep our relationship after school. You have to believe that you can do it too. And you will find real support at the School.

Thank you so much to everyone!

After graduating from local university my future was again in dilemma

After graduating from local university my future was again in dilemma. Question like what to do? Which field to opt? keep coming and haunted me.

I wanted to go for anything in IT but which field? Searching for some software testing courses. Then Portnov came into the search results. I called them and visited their free SQA Seminar. Finally I joined Portnov Computer School and recently got an internship with a well know bank in Bay Area?

Thanks to Portnov School for providing me excellent guidance and finally a job!!!

Life can take different directions

Life can take different directions I cannot believe .....being a arts graduate coming to software domain seems to be a dream but today I can vouch that with just 2 months of great training and hands on experience with live projects can changed my life and helped me to enter into the industry...

I am really thankful to the Portnov team to help me in getting in software testing domain.. My sincere thanks to Radhika our project manager who is always available with me even on weekends to help and give insight about the project & interview tips ..her knowledge about the subject is unbeatable..

Thanks to Mikhail for his great guidance in every step of life and finally to Sofia to send my resume to companies..... Guys these people are very genuine and honest believe me if you want to be in software tester this is a great place.