Wednesday, April 13, 2011

there is such place as Portnov Computer School

It might sound like another story (successful and boring about somebody other experience in finding good job and position --> but I think that it's very important to let everybody know that there is such place as Portnov Computer School!! And it is not just about learning Software QA basics, not about getting the opportunity to practice new skills and techniques, not about updating your previous knowledge --- it is about believing in yourself, in your own ability to find the right place, right people, right job (and salary as well .

A little bit about me:: best education (Russian University), but no experience and several years at home - enough to describe "finding job" as a harsh business. So... instead of spending hours and hours searching internet hoping for the best, I decided to spend some time in "back to school" --> and ... Michael Portnov's great classes is a best school I could find in San Francisco/Bay Area/Silicon Valley (forgot to mention - we even had people from Oregon and Washington states!).
And .. as a result - I am a QA Engineer!!

Many thanks to Portnov Computer School !!!

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