Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I joined Portnov with no QA experience

I joined Portnov with no QA experience. The SQA course was really very enlightening and Mikhael is one man who knows his stuff. I would recommend every person who wishes to have a career in QA to attend his class. At Portnov they not only focus on the theoretical aspects of QA, but also provide hands on training on various technologies that are very widely used in the industry. Radhika was very helpful preparing the students for the industry. They not only give good training but they try their very best to get you interviews for job placement and internships. Sofia rocks in that regard.

Portnov was instrumental in finding me an internship and currently a QA contractor position in a start up company. Thanks a lot to Sofia, Mikhail and Radhika. You have helped me successfully embark on my career.

For those who are looking for a good start in QA I would highly recommend this school. Join Portnov and start your career happily!!!

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