Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I completed my Masters in Computer Science from India

I completed my Masters in Computer Science from India.Came to U.S in 2006. I had a work permit when I came here but had no idea on where to start or how to start looking for a job.

Initially, I used to browse for the right course for me almost every day on the web. I even tried a short testing course. I loved software testing and I wanted a job in that field itself.

It was during one of my searches that I came across Portnov's site. I joined the school and completed SQA and Automation courses. After my internship I gained more confidence. Their online study materials helped me a lot in attending interviews. I learned new tips from Mikhail's job search session too.

Am now working as an automation engineer.

I had many ups and downs during my slow transition. At some point I even lost hope. But as they say, "whenever one door closes another one opens". Sofia and Mikhail opened that door for me. When I look back I see nothing I'd like to change. Each step was a learning process for me.

Thank you very much Sofia & Mikhail.

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