Wednesday, April 13, 2011

PORTNOV: The best in software Quality Assurance!

I really don't know where to start b'use I have been student of the school for a long time and I was always welcomed with same love an affection as you would get from your near and dear ones when you visit your home country.

I am very much thankful to Mikhail for assisting me in resume preparation, tips in job search , conducting internships at school for people who cannot afford to commute long distances etc, I found great benefit since I stay in mountain view and another thing was that you can take free repetition classes until you are comfortable with the subject an I think that was a huge advantage and that is why Portnov differs from other QA training schools.

About Sofia, she is a blessing for me, she provided me with paid internship and even after the internship she supported me giving different options to explore, different interviews, internships, and the list is endless. Even if you finish your internship, please do go back to Sofia, she sure will help you.

Radhika is very spontaneous and very good at what she does and I gained lot of confidence and now I know where to go if my employers let go of me.

All in all Portnov is for people in need, oasis for deserted people. I thank Mikhail, Sofia, Radhikaa for all your support and I hope everyone who reads this will make the best decision of their life by joining PORTNOV.

All the best,

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