Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I spent only 3 weeks in the school before it happened

I am really greatful to Michail, Sofia and Yana. You did what you promised 100%. I appreciate Yana's lectures. They helped me a lot in my work. Especially one on writing and reporting bugs.

Before Portnov Computer School I tried different ways to start my career in US with no luck. As soon as I joined the school I started to unterstand why. The school not only gives you knowledge but also helps you with resume, how to pass interview and the most important one - how to get a job.

I spent only 3! weeks in the school before it happend. I got not only paid intership, but actually a contract job. Sofia, without your persistence none of it would be possible. Joining Portnov Computer School was a turning point for me. I would recommend this great school to everybody who is seeking career in QA.

Thank you all one more time. It is almost like a fairy tale.

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