Monday, April 27, 2020

The best opportunity for a quick career change.

The best opportunity for a quick career change. This school offers short but intensive courses that will help you understand the basics of testing theory and practice what direction to best move in. You can build a profession from scratch and practice on real projects that are given. After the course is completed, an internship is provided where you can put your new skills to practice and prove yourself by working in a team of professionals. It’s a very strong curriculum and offers a starting for any beginner to break into a new field and come out a strong candidate for employment.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

At the beginning of 2020, I completed the Full time course...

At the beginning of 2020, I completed the Full time course at Portnov Computer School and was delighted! With a good feeling that I was able to change my life for the better. I feel that I have received the key to the door to the IT industry. And even in difficult quarantine times, thanks to Portnov Computer School, I had an interview that I went with ease and now I am waiting for an offer for a job which I am more than satisfied with and which exceeded my expectations. And today I recommend this school with confidence to both my friends and everyone who wants to change their lives for the better. The course is incredibly rewarding. During this time I received a ton of knowledge and structured information, which I actively use after graduation. The staff working at Portnov Computer School is the most responsive of all that I have seen. During the training, I came across each of them and everyone was more than open to communication, always ready to help. Studying was very comfortable and interesting, thanks to highly qualified teachers who have real experience in the field of testing. After a course of lectures, I had an internship, the experience gained in which was invaluable to me! The atmosphere in the school is incredible, every student came with a willingness to change their life. Everyone is incredibly motivated. We managed to make friends with many during the course and continue to communicate. At Portnov Computer School, I see not even a school, but a club of people highly motivated for success, and if you are like that too, welcome!

Monday, April 13, 2020

I love Portnov!! I would like to thank Portnov Computer School.

I love Portnov!! I would like to thank Portnov Computer School. I gained lot of knowledge from Portnov. Instructor Janna, Olga, and Tanya trained us very nicely. These great instructors will think about our future and give lot of advice how to become an experienced QA.Portnov is a great place to start our career. I got the internship immediately after my graduation with the help of Portnov.Their curriculum is very good. They taught us basic automation, SQL, SQA, mobile testing,Unix, RestAPI, HTML, Javascript, CSS. Sofia is a very great and kind person. She will help us to find the good internship.Even though there is a shelter-in-place, I am still continuing my internship by working from home for the company. Thank you so much Portnov!! You are my home to start my career.

I love studying at Portnov computer school.

I love studying at Portnov computer school. I found so many people from different parts of the USA. It’s a great place for students and always get help from the staff. They introduced new technologies and tools to students which mostly tech-companies use today in Market which students are not aware of. It’s so helpful while they get into the market after graduating from Portnov.Thanks to Portnov.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

I want to thank the Portnov Computer School.

I want to thank the Portnov Computer School. They literally save me on that hard time. They helped me a lot in my attempts to find a company that can utilize my skills. They’ve done a great job. I got my internship interview right after graduation and started my decently paid job at the beginning of March. That job allowed me to earn my living when a week after that Northern California was shut on ‘Shelter in place’. Many friends of mine have lost their salary or even jobs but I kept working remotely and my pay didn’t change. I’m so glad I chose Portnov Computer School several months ago to start my education as an SQA engineer. It helped me keep me and my family warm and safe in that tough time. Again, thanks a lot, guys!

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The courses in Portnov are practical and useful.

The courses in Portnov are practical and useful. They may seem easier at the beginning, especially for those who have computer backgrounds. However, it covers those must-have knowledges that are essential for the QA jobs. After the beginning period, the courses cover more and more information in many different fields such as SQL, Linux, Mobile programming, Network, JavaScript, Java...etc. You’ll find there are many many things you can learn which is hardly you can do it if you are not taking the course in the school. Secondly, the instructors are very good. They taught you in a simple way, easy to understand and encourage you. In addition, the instructor shared her own experience (Specially thanks to Jana, my highly respected teacher). As we know, those soft skill sometime is even more important than your programming/hard skills. This doesn’t mean that you just sit there, listen and you automatically become QA expert after finish the school. You need to take part in(This is the way Portnov teaching and one of the best of Portnov) and take your effort to learn(I think this is true for anything you learn). Thirdly, I think Sofia Pravdina does very good job. Because, there are many students in the school, how to know each student and find a proper intern position is definitely not an easy job and will take lots of time and energy. Not only she needs to know what you are good at, but also she needs to look at for your future, your career path! This position requires to know many positions in many companies, many HR managers, each student’s ability, personal characteristics, etc. Most importantly, what is the best choice for you, for specific you! It likes to fit a piece in a puzzle, so it become a become a beautiful scene picture. This position needs to know people, to have enough life experience in addition to good HR skill. Many times, you don’t know what you need. It will be very helpful if someone can point you out what you need, especially for job seekers. Finally, in addition to Janna and Sofia, I want to thank other teachers in Portnov as well: Tanya, Galina, Slava, Sofia, Olga, just to name a few. I also want to thank to Michael, because he has created a good school and has chosen a great instructor team. Thank you all!

Monday, April 6, 2020

This school is the way into the world of IT.

This school is the way into the world of IT. For me , as I was fairly new to learning programming languages and IT world in general , it got overwhelming in the beginning. But following the instructions and self discipline helped a lot. One thing I want to point out is how accessible and easy to reach was Michael himself (even though officially he’s only taking care of online class). With any questions I had, he was always willing to help and was all about finding a solution. Very flexible with addressing students needs individually, and paying attention to every student. Olga, Tatiana and Janna were among my favorite teachers. When it came to final exams they were strict but fair , and it helped me a lot to prepare well for my actual interviews after graduation. All of them were helpful and responsive when I asked for help with interview preparation. And I couldn’t thank more to Sofia for finding me a perfect match when it came to job placement.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

I started studying at Portnov Computer School at the end of September 2019.

I started studying at Portnov Computer School at the end of September 2019. Time spent on lectures and on doing independent work flew by unnoticed. The IT world has no boundaries and I would probably drown in endless webinars and articles. But a clear understanding of school teachers about what kind of knowledges are needed by a QA Engineer and in what priority, allowed me was able to stay afloat.For this, many thanks to the whole team of such a unique School! Now, when I work under a contract with a large company, almost every day I recall the wise advices of my teachers and ask myself: what would my teachers do in this situation? It helps me to solve current problems at a decent level. Dear applicants! Record and memorize everything that is told to you in Portnov Computer School! This knowledge and skills are your keys to the door to the IT. Together with Portnov Computer School you will achieve your goal.