Monday, September 26, 2011

Portnov is 100% real, its not an advertising or just a business to making money!!!


I just want to share about what I've been through for the last couple months in my life I have accounting degree, and also hotel and tourism management degree. I've been working in Accounting field for 4 years as well as hotel field, but recently I'm not really happy with what I was doing. I feel that I got less pay for what I did.
I was talking to my friend about this, and he mention that there is a school in California for QA called "Portnov". The first time I heard, I dont have a brave to do it, because I have to quit my job, everything that I have now, but then I was talking to several people who also doing QA job, and they all enjoy working as a QA.
Finally, I decided to contact Portnov School and they replied my email really fast. I was a full time student in Portnov, within 5 weeks I gain so much knowledge. Mikhail, Sofia, Yana, and everybody is really nice and encouraging me. The first 2 weeks is hard, but I need to really work on it. They prepared all material but we also need to do our effort.
I tried to get the internship, but finally I ended up getting a real job Now I'm working as a QA in one of Banking Company. I am so happy for this because my goal is fulfill in 3 months. Thank you to PORTNOV COMPUTER SCHOOL for everything!!!

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Anonymous said...

Really happy for you. Can you post your contact info as well so that someone can get in touch with you?