Wednesday, April 13, 2011

3000 miles and 2 months to SQA career

Hello everyone! Here is our “3000 miles and 2 months to SQA career” story :

My husband and I won Green Card Lottery and moved from Russia to Florida five months ago. We were very happy but we knew it wouldn’t be easy to begin new life. With our background in finance we spent two months looking for a job and all attempts were unsuccessfull. It was difficult for us to get a job in economic sphere, because we didn’t have American education, working experience in the USA and excellent English.

One day we thought: if we changed country to live in, language to speak, why wouldn’t we change our career? We read about Portnov school on the Internet and decided to move to California to become SQA engineers. It was a challenge for us to move so far across the country without confidence in getting a job in QA industry in a few months without any technical skills.

From our first days in Mountain View we have been feeling how supportive staff at the school is. Sofia and Mikhail helped us to find apartments, advised what classes to take, helped to make resumes, and finally after two months of attending the school, my husband and I got internship offers from a few companies! And only after one and a half week on my internship I was proposed to sign a job contract! We are really happy and I believe that it's only the beginning of a successful career.

I hardly believed that Portnov school could help me to get enough knowledge to find a job right away, but after I finished the study and got a job I can assure everybody that Portnov Computer School really does a great job!

If you want to change you career, your life in a short period of time I will highly recommend you to come to Mountain View to join Portnov School wherever you live now without any doubts and hesitations!

Thank you Mikhail, Sofia and all other team members for all valuable knowledge, advice and encouragement you gave us!!!!

P.S.: Thanks a lot to all our new friends who supported us!

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