Saturday, March 26, 2011

Portnov Computer school gives you a good chance to start your career as SQA Engineer in short time

Dear friends,

I graduated from Portnov Computer school last year and would like to say thank you very much to Sofia and Mikhail. They are very good people doing an excellent job helping everyone personally to start new career and to believe in your future and dedication. With well-structured core classes supported by professional instructors, Portnov Computer school gives you a good chance to get new skills, improve your education and start your career as SQA Engineer in short time. I am very happy with Sofia and Mikhail and really recommend this school for anybody, who wants to make a career in SQA Industry.

My story:
Next week after I successfully completed QTP and QA classes, Mikhail and Sofia found a good internship for me. They placed me as Consultant in a software company. During my 2-month internship, I got excellent experience as QA Engineer.

After my Internship, Mikhail and Sofia guided me through the process of putting together a resume and getting ready to work on my own. I am generally a shy person, and therefore, getting new position wasn't very easy to me. Sofia understood my situation best of all. She was incredible supportive and helped me again to find a new job. Thanks to Mikhail and Sofia's network, I got a contract position with Kazeon Systems, a highly innovative software company in Mountain View. It was the job of my dream: great project, good payment, close to my house. They even provided free lunches. After that six month contract came to an end, I was able to get another position with Invitrogen, one of the biggest companies in Foster City which I found by myself.

Thank you very much Sofia and Mikhail for your hard work to help everyone.
My best wishes to Portnov Computer school.

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