Saturday, March 26, 2011

I consulted my friends and they recommended QA

I would like to share with you my story.

As an artist and a psychologist by training I had been well aware that my educational background may not provide me with the abundance of career choices, especially here, in Silicon Valley. I still loved what I did and continued on, until economy spiraled down and I was among the first ones to lose my job. It seemed that regardless of what I tried I could not restore my employment in a dramatically changed and unstable job market. Suddenly, I had to re-evaluate my skills as well as abilities. Being so thoroughly artistic and non-technically inclined, for the first time, I sensed the urgency of trying a radical approach to my career.

I consulted my friends and they recommended QA. What was it - QA? I had not the slightest idea what this profession entailed. Yet, anyone I talked to admitted that this could be a possible cross-over from my bohemian jobs into something more technical, yet not too overwhelmingly so.
So, I made a quick inventory of my abilities, which included good writing skills, pretty good memory and sharp eye.....and with this I ended up at Portnov school's doorstep.

I took the initial skills assessment test and then talked to Sofia and Michael. They introduced me to the school's methodology, list of classes and some main key-points of QA tester's career. In addition, they invited me to audit several classes and get the general impression of school's environment and teaching procedures. After auditing a week of classes I made the final decision to attend the school full-time. And truly, it was new and exciting experience: the teachers were very professional, their presentations - excellent....and gradually I began to see a more complete picture of what this profession was like, which finalized with internship experience.

Could I possibly imagine that in these difficult economic times, just within one and a half month after completing my internship program, I would sign my first contract at the company I would dream to work for? And yet it happened. I understand that this does not mean the final destination. It is just
the beginning, but it an exciting beginning, which has direction and opportunities.

What the school will give you is professional instructors, well-structured system of core classes, help with your resume, an internship at the high-tech company and ever-resourceful career guidance.
What it will ask of you - hard work, belief in your future and dedication.

You can turn your life around and open many opportunities for yourself - wherever you are in your life!

Good luck!

Special thanks are:
- to Sofia for her efforts to help me with internship
- to Michael - for his smart career encouragement and humor at times when I needed it the most
- and of course, to all the new friends I met at school, who like me, have tried hard despite the circumstances and are on their way to changing their lives.

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