Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I studied here, and I like the school very much

Posted on Yelp by stansult s.
I studied here, and I like the school very much. It is great, and unique in several aspects.

First, it is reliable and trustworthy. You can be sure that nobody will try to cheat you there. Portnov and his staff do even more than they actually agree initially. If they have a way to do something they can to help you, they'll do that, sometimes in their own time, not paid. You can rely on them, just make sure you also keep to your side of agreement.

Second, their experience and professional level is surprisingly high. I was taught by the people that actually work at solid technical positions in the well-known companies of the Bay, who at the same time have ability and willingness to teach.

Third, the school (besides the professional subjects) actually teaches you how to find and get a job. Not the smart ass advises where you should boast and behave like you are the best, and mask some weird advantages when you're asked about weaknesses -- but actual practical advise, backed with years of experience and common sense (which is rare in this field :)).

Fourth, the school staff really cares about you. Yes they do. Not that they come and do for you all you have to do yourself. They really want you to be able to become independent. And if you want to refresh your knowledge, you can come back and take same courses again free!

So, the school provides you with information, equipment and opportunities. It's up to you to use them right.

I personally wasn't the brightest student and intern, but still was able to get what I needed from them -- professional knowledge, practical advices, internship experience, as well as useful tips for the job search. Now I work full time at a great company, and I'm sure that this is substantially thanks to Portnov school.

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