Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Forever grateful to Portnov Computer School

I had worked as a software developer earlier but then I had a long break in my career. I wasn't sure of when or if I ever will be able to get back to the software field. I tried attending courses in community colleges and doing certification courses but nothing helped. The big question was how was I going to get the confidence and the skills that I needed to land a job in this industry. That's when a friend recommended Portnov School. This was THE BEST decision that I ever made.

The instructors at this school are highly qualified and very competent. Micheal and Sofia are very co-operative. Portnov School equips you with all the required skills to gain knowledge in the software QA field, study materials, tips for job search, resume writing and facing the job interviews.Once you start attending the SQA classes there your confidence is boosted and you develop a very positive attitude. In no time I got selected for an internship which finally got converted into full-time employee position. I want to mention here that this happened just when recession started hitting the job market.

I will remain forever grateful to the teachers, Micheal, Sofia, and the entire staff at Portnov. My advice to all : if you are a lost ship in the ocean, there is a lighthouse that will give you the right direction to get to the shore: Portnov school!!

Best wishes,

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