Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the Portnov Computer School was there to help my career

I would like to thank Portnov school from my heart, without Mike, Sofia and their faculties help, I couldn’t find a job so quickly in such an downturn economy environment.

Before coming to the school, I have been looking for jobs for almost five months and couldn’t get one, I found out that even I have SQA experiences but they are limited to a particular field and out of date. Without learning new QA testing methodology and automation technology, I found it hard to land myself a job.

Fortunately, the Portnov Computer School was there to help my career. I like here because they really care about your success and the more effort I put in, the more pay off I got. Fortunately, I applied what I learned from school during interview and got a job.

I would strongly recommend the school to anyone from entry level to veteran SQA engineers, looking to add to their own value to by learning new technologies

Jess L. Ger

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