Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Awesome institute !!!!!

Awesome institute !!!!! Want to sincerely thank the whole Portnov team - Mikhile, Sophia, Elena,David,Janna, Olga and other people around them. These people have led me to the great future. Thank you all very much for everything you have done for me. During my training I was so very much enthusiastic to learn and I am aware that sometimes It had made my faculties frustrated. But there was no bad intension just wanted to get best on subject. Even there was time when I had doubts about placement. I was scared , unsecured and unaware about future. But today I regret for all my negative feelings. I have just finished my training and I got placed through institute.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

I have been going to Portnov for 3 months, and I already got an internship.

I have been going to Portnov for 3 months, and I already got an internship. I would recommend people to go to Portnov who are looking for a career change. This school is life-changing, but only if you are willing to put some efforts and work hard during study cycle.
Great school, great internship opportunities, great instructors (Olga K, Olga C and Janna), learned a lot practical experience from the projects, my basic knowledge and technical skills improved a lot.
A special thanks goes to Sofia, she is really awesome, helpful and encouraging person I have ever meet.
Thanks all!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

If you want to kick start a career in the IT field, Portnov Computer School is the go to place for training.

If you want to kick start a career in the IT field, Portnov Computer School is the go to place for training. I was a bit skeptical about a career change, however taking up the SQA course in Portnov has been a life changing experience. The instructors (Olga C & Marina G) are very friendly and patient. The projects we did in school gave us good hands on experience on software testing. The best part for me was their intense interview training (Thanks to Janna, Olga K & Anna). They prepare your resume, conduct a couple of mock interviews and provide excellent counseling on how to answer interview questions and ways to project yourself in the job market. Everybody is given an opportunity to get into an internship program. I landed a really good internship and hope to find a job very soon. Special thanks to Sofia for helping with the internship interviews & job searches. I would also like to thank Mikhail for his support and guidance. I would definitely recommend Portnov Computer School to anyone looking for a jump start to their career.

Friday, January 20, 2017

This place is really wonderful if you are looking for a career change.

This place is really wonderful if you are looking for a career change. I completed all my classes and started my internship with a wonderful company in bay area. 'Portnov' is the best place to go if you want to  get a good training of QA. They have wonderful instructors who have very good knowledge and extensive years of working experience in QA field. So they know well what they are doing. I am really thankful to my instructors Olga C, Olga K and Janna. They are really wonderful instructors. Of course they are very strict and will not let you go unless you are very well prepared and have good confidence as a QA engineer. I really admire their mock interview and clearance process which allowed me to learn a lot. The most critical part is finding an internship and Sofia is the one who will come to help you. She is very kind and helpful person and I am really grateful to her for all the support she gave me through my internship interviews. I am really thankful to all my friends I met there. You will meet people from all over the world and will find lifelong friends. I really enjoyed the time I spent at Portnov and made bunch of good friends. This place did the magic for me. So I highly recommend it for anyone

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Portnov is an amazing place for someone who is looking to change their career.

Portnov is an amazing place for someone who is looking to change their career. It has been a blessing for me to be honest. I went to High school here in the USA. I got my degree in B.S psychology from San Jose State University in july 2015. I tried to find a job in this field, but it was not to be. Those who are currently taking any social science major, they know what I am talking about when I say that all these majors are heavily impacted.
After searching for a job for good 4-5 months, I knew I had to start doing something else.

I came across Portov school when I was searching for IT schools in the bay area. I joined Portnov in December 2015. Once I completed the course,  I was able to get an internship at a Start up company. So, anybody who attends this School, Sofia Will help with the internship. Once your internship is done, Ask Mikhail to prepare your Job resume.

I spent about 3 months at this start up company. I learned a lot here, This is very good experience before you get a job, as it trains you for your next career step. I just received a job offer from a very well known company in the world (hint hint:  It keeps the doctor away), and all of it is possible because of Portnov School. Now, do not expect to not work on your own and find a job. Portnov prepares you well, but you have to spend time on everything they teach and practice.

I would like to  give a shout out to my favorite human being at Portnov, Sofia. She definitely has been one of the biggest part in this career change. Everybody at Portnov is very helpful, but Sofia has been the biggest reason why I got a job at this big company. If you are reading this Sofia,I just want to say thank you for caring.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Good luck everyone!

I am about to finish all the classes and I already got an internship offer from a very good company.This is the BEST place to go if you want to get formal training on quality assurance. I found this school from internet after I made my decision to be a SQA engineer. I read a lot of reviews, positive ones, negative ones. I had my doubts before I went to this school, but after I started my classes here, I no longer have any doubts. The knowledge you will learn are very practical and useful. What you need to do is attending every class, concentrating, making notes, ask questions, do your home work and spend ALL of your free time studying. Think about it, you sacrifice your time for entertainment for only three months but in exchange you get your dream career and benefit from it for life time. You really need to treat seriously with every project as those projects are from real companies and it is a great opportunity for you to apply the basic theories you've learned so you will have a lot to say about your project in the interview.

Great school, great internship opportunities(special thanks to Sofia), great instructors (Olga K, Marina, Olga C and Janna), learned a lot practical experience from the projects (thank you again Marina and Janna), my basic knowledge and technical skills improved a lot (thank you again Olga K).

I will finish my review by quoting "Always remember that all of your hard work will eventually pay off" which is always the truth. Good luck everyone!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

I got the job in 6 weeks

This message is for Portnov Computer School students!
I am very thankful to Mikhail and his team in helping me to find my dream job!!!

1.) How I was studying. I took this course very serious and made some changes in my life style. I did canceled half of meetings with my friends. First of all I devoted my whole day to study, watched video lectures and re-watch them. I did watched all the videos from Video library page and nearly all from the Data page. When I was learning what is a BUG, I printed out nearly all of postings under BUG reports in Forum. So I practiced hours to understand what is this new profession about. 24 hours I was thinking about my Software class. The more I was involved the more I liked the profession. I did all of the Quizes (except one) and lots of notes in my notepad from Mikhails videos.

2.)  After the class finished I went out to job market in 1.5 month. I started On December and the first day when I posted my resume on Dice I got around 25 calls from recruiters. I was confident from the day 1. I do not feel I wasn’t since I know the exact questions that they ask you. Typical questions are: 1.) Location 2) Your visa status 3) How long are you at the market 4) Tell me about your professional experience 5) ok, now they will tell you a little about the company and the project and ask you to fill out the standard form. Usually they ask for last 4 digits of your SSN. If they ask me to provide reference or Green card copy, I tell them - schedule for me an interview and I will provide.
The second call from the company is to schedule my technical interview with one of QA manager or account manager. Usually it is by phone or by Skype. I had around 2 phone technical interviews (1 hour -There were around 10-12 technical questions) and 3 Skype interviews and 5 QA manager technical interviews (20 minutes ). in 98% they never called back which was  making me feel so sad and desperate and I wanted to stop answering the calls. For technical interviews I did answered all the questions correctly and no call back. So be ready, guys, not to give up in this place. Continue your search.
SQL (JOINS - is a must, what is inner join, outer join, and all the types we learned with Marina), Mikhail’s QUIZ questions they ask in nearly all technical interviews!!! What did you do when the developer fixes the bug? What is Test Case (write down 4 test cases - they give requirements), what is Test suite?  I had a similar question as Test BUY button.

I did wake up at 6 AM to refresh my Dice resume and apply to new Dice jobs. They call. If I do not apply they do not call. Then I figured out there is no new jobs I didn’t apply on Dice. Then I went to EXTRA class discussion and one graduate with job advised me to update my resume daily in CareerBuilder, Indeed, Monster. Beside I was applying for job at least 4 hours a day. Some of the days I had only 3 calls but usually more than 10 calls and lots of email. It was seeming to me like I have full time job answering my phone and scheduling interview. Actually I was my own secretary. Only depend on me what I am and what I want to become. I was very confident professional. Some of recruiters are not confident themselves so I took initiative asking them some questions.

On December I was just upset honestly. My belief was not there. 2 weeks of holidays - all the managers are on vacation. We contact you after 4th January!  But I knew I will find job on January, February or March. It was anymore aim achieving. Sport competition. Can I ? Others find, Can I?Why do  they not take me if i answer all the questions correctly ( I made lots of notes from Mikhail’s videos and Marina’s SQL presentation)? Everybody has his/her own situation - family, home, rental, kids, car. I had lots of difficulties too! But there was no give up anymore! I contacted Mikhail several times and he suggested me to continue the search. I did all of my best. I subscribed on Glassdoor and Dice of new job postings and was getting emails daily as soon as a new vacancy comes out to the market. I applied directly to the companies a lot!

I had my own story of my career and my career change. So be consistent. Tell me about yourself video I know by heart. I copied intonation, smile, everything to practice in some interviews. I was very self confident by phone and Recruiters behaves me respectively. I am still enjoying to communicate with them.

I got the job in 6 weeks (2 weeks of Christmas and New Year holidays included).