Monday, May 20, 2019

Excellent school, great FREE lifetime class repetition

Excellent school, great FREE lifetime class repetition (at least for online courses). Constant program course update. School gives actual Quality Assurance principles and education, besides teaching how to use software and programming languages. Excellent resume preparation. One on one interview tutoring. Very fast response from instructors and even from the owner himself - Michael Portnov. Definitely worth your time and money. Thank you Michael and school staff :)

Friday, February 1, 2019

My journey at Portnov has been amazing..!!

My journey at Portnov has been amazing..!! I'm happy to say that they have laid the foundation to my dreams. I just got an internship offer after successful completion of their program(also includes passing final exams and passing internship clearance). I have chosen QA Express program after hearing great things about Portnov from friends and family. It's quite interesting to see how passionate, understanding and dedicated the staff at Portnov are, in helping students achieve their goals. They're also very humorous I must say, which makes the classes even more interesting :-) The environment is very professional, friendly and almost simulates a real workplace. Expect occassional visits from guest speakers and previous Portnov students who are now well established in the field to provide a few insights and share their experiences which is such a great motivational boost. Many students here come from various backgrounds and regardless Portnov has been very efficient in jump-starting students on their career path. They cover a lot of topics in a very well-detailed manner in such a short time. Being a part of Portnov can be very rewarding to someone that has genuine passion to become a Software QA Engineer. Even developers come here to gain more knowledge on Software QA. Make sure to take notes in class, it can be very helpful towards the end of the term. Try not to skip any classes or be late to classes if you can, so you don't miss on anything; since they cover a lot of subject in just one day and also offer many valuable suggestions and tips. All the best..!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The school beats all expectations.

The school beats all expectations. The student has to deliver what the school tells him/her to do, so the school will make its part and share both unique content and expertise, provide outstanding couching, access to the network of overwhelming size, and countless additional opportunities. And most important you can always get back and repeat everything. It is a life-time membership) My 3 pennies to all the students: 1. Be committed. 2. Do everything the school tells you to do. 3. Only after that you may start learning something else. PS It took about 6 months in my case to get the first paycheck for a full-time software testing.

Monday, July 16, 2018

I had heard about Portnov from my friend's friend.

I had heard about Portnov from my friend's friend. Both of them are successful QA engineers. After a long break I was desperately looking to enter into workforce. I am so happy that I made the decision of Joining Portnov. All Teachers Janna, Olga, Natalia, Mikhail who taught me are truly very supportive. They explain very well and do it again and again very patiently if you cannot follow something. The Teachers really work hard to ensure that they bring out the best in each and every student. The course is rigorous and requires 100% commitment from students. I have great appreciation for support staff Anna and Sergei and above all Sophia. Sophia you are truly remarkable ! Thanks for all your encouragement. In short everyone at Portnov is very encouraging and supportive. I am highly satisfied with the course content and material they teach. I got lot of hands on experience too by doing real time projects as a part of our curriculum. I am new to testing but I feel very confident in the field now. I am very positive regarding my Job Search. Thanks to the entire Portnov team!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Let me start by saying that no one ever made me write this review.

Let me start by saying that no one ever made me write this review. I'm just giving my personal feedback. The school. I would never believe that it is possible to stuff so much new information in a head within 2 months. And these 2 months turned out to be enough to get an internship in a good company that produces well known software products. The job. Another 2 months is what it took me to get a job that exceeded all of my most ambitious expectations. That is all what matters

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Portnov Computer School is the perfect place if you are looking for the job in the tech industry.

Portnov Computer School is the perfect place if you are looking for the job in the tech industry. They have organized and structured courses for Software Quality Assurance. Everyone (including Teachers and Management) are super nice and helpful. They will give you all sort of ideas how to work in companies and their expectations. They not only prepare their students with technical knowledge but also prepare them for interviews.My journey was super exciting and awesome. I made few good friends and got a job in a good company without internship luckily. I will suggest following the given direction from Portnov Computer School but at the same time do more preparation on your end.(helped me a lot). They schedule interviews for their student's plenty of times.(no counts). In my batch, all most everyone got some sort of internship or job. Portnov Computer School was a life-changing experience for me. Thanks to my husband who helps me to get enrolled. I will highly recommend for those who are looking for a job in the tech industry or looking for career change, to start a career and start a career after a long break. Portnov Computer School is the right place to make your dream come true

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Great school and great instructors.

Great school and great instructors. They will guide you and teach you what you need to know about QA. The rest is up to you, you get back whatever you put in. I got hired for the most exciting work and have no regrets about attending. Hoping to have a long career in QA.