Friday, February 27, 2015

I am today in a reputed software company

Portnov school is the ultimate destination for people who are really serious about their career. A place where they can make their dreams come true! Really I mean every word which I just wrote.

I went to Portnov school with my dreams 4 months ago and here I am today in a reputed software company working as Quality Engineer. Even though I am from non-IT background, all the teachers at Portnov do a really good job in teaching all the concepts very well. Mikhail, Yana, Marina everyone do a really good job. Seriously I haven't seen such honest people in years. I know a lot of desi companies out there who might not stand on their word but this place totally stands by their word.

Mikhail with his immense knowledge of the industry helps in all the possible ways he can, very honest man. Sofia is the best recruiter that you can ever find. She helps a lot in arranging interviews. What else do you need when you have such supporting people around you. Just put in your best efforts and hard work and your dream will come true in no time!

One of the major questions was how and where to find a desent job

I immigrated to US in 2001 and 'd met all these problems and questions familiar to all immigrants.
One of the major questions was how and where to find a desent job. I was thinking about it almost a year looking at different options like to go to college, private schools, to take some program(s) etc. And if you have some degree in your profession from your homeland  it 's not the case that you can work with this here in US. One day I'd read an advertisement in newspaper of Portnov Computer School. It became a turning point in my life. I finished the School in 2003. 

 In spite of the crisis in 'dot com' industry in 2000-s, in spite of my temporary 'swings-attempts' to earn money in financial markets ( which finally turned out to be unsuccesfull) I got a very good profession and skills.

Several years i work already in software industry as a Software QA engineer and i like it. Looking back at my past i'm sure (more and more with time) it was a right choice. 
Thank you Mikhail and thank you School!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Online class: I have gotten a 5 month contract job at Yahoo

Hello Mikhail,

I just wanted to let you know that I have gotten a 5 month contract job at Yahoo.

It was the recruiter that spotted an iOS keyword and submitted me for the position. I mentioned to him that I started to learn iOS programming but my knowledge of it was next to 0. The position is actually a iOS developer/Quality Engineer.  It will eventually require me to write code to test their mobile app. Luckily, the first 3 months they want me to do mostly black box testing.

I would have never applied for the gig but as you pointed out, the job description and what they actually needed  were very different.

Their job description was what they were hoping for, the recruiter found out what they would actually accept and it turned out they would take someone with good QA background, passion for sports and willingness to learn iOS development.  After 3 phone interviews they brought me in for couple of one-on-one sessions and offered me a job.

The whole process was a big surprise to me. I thought I completely bombed the first interview with the QA manager. Didn't know answers to  many questions about white box testing and API testing. I was ready to hang up on this guy in the middle of the conversation I was so embarrassed.  But they kept inviting me the follow up phone interviews.

After talking to them in person I really wanted to work there. The chemistry was there plus a chance to study the iOS programming which will make me more marketable in the future. I am very excited. The office is downtown SF, flexible schedule and the possibility of contract extension.

I will have to learn a lot. They let go most of their black box testers as they transition more towards automation. I will have to step up on the QA front as well as on the development side.  Scary but challenging at the same time.

Your class gave me the confidence and a lot of knowledge. Thank you. I am going to continue learning using your resources and log into webinars whenever I can. I will keep you posted about my progress. Hopefully, you will let me  ask you questions from time to time.

Thanks again



Portnov was and is excellent. A powerful place to transition to the QA World.

Michael swatted away any negative thoughts us career transitioners had - and especially older students like me - know that if we followed a plan then we could certainly get into the QA work world.

Sofia lined up the really great Oodle 3 month internship and I received at Oodle a solid understanding of Jira bug tracking database usage, build and environment dynamics, feature and component analysis and work flow at a software company. 

The Selenium instructor, Ellie Y., is highly organized, responsible and accessible; the UNIX instructor, Lena, is forcefull and assertive for our good, the project manager I most worked with, Marina G., is extremely positive and encouraging, my favorite tools instructor, David S., is more skilled and concise and out-right sharp than any of the Computer Science professors I encountered at Cal State East Bay.  All of the instructors at Portnov bring different strengths to the classrooms.  

I know I am not out of the woods yet and plan to do well at the contract position at CWStar that Sofia lined up but everything I needed for success Portnov has provided:  the rest is up to me.   

Please feel free to give my cell # to any potential Portnov student who is seeking feedback. 


Good news...

That one came in the mail:

Hi Sofia,
> Thank you so much for your business, for what you have done and for your participation in my case.
> Events moved very rapidly in previous week. On Monday I had a talk with you, on Tuesday I had a conversation with Greg, on Wednesday I passed the interview and on Wednesday, finally, got the job offer!!!
> I can't describe in words how much I am grateful to you. Just let me know to what time you will be in office today. I'm going in Selenium class today and I want to seeyou.
> Thank you again.
> Regards,
> Dm

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Portnov computer school is a great traingin program providers in Bay area

Portnov computer school is a great traingin program providers in Bay area. They provide a full blown training on QA that helped me in building my career even after 7 years of non-working duration.Great teachers, accurate course materials and contents, Help in getting internships.

Worth try for...

Rash M.

I saw many people graduated from Portnov Computer School

I saw many people graduated from Portnov Computer School with very successful career and now looking forward to be one of them.I had a very good experience there, I got some good friends! if you want to find a job and start a new career the school will definitely help you. You have to be ready to work a lot. The teachers will give you tons of information, but it’s your job to study. Everybody at the school is helpful. They navigate you through the curriculum. Just work hard and you will achieve your goal.

Garima C.