Saturday, March 26, 2011

Portnov's video advices in Youtube

Recently I got a new job. While "hunting" every time after the interviews I felt that I was not really ready. But I could not get the problem. Actually, I was ready technically, I was ready physically, but at the same time I felt that some very important "part of the puzzle is missing"...

In one of the Forums I found new video topic that was created by Mikhail Portnov: " Why should we hire you". I was watching and re-watching it. And I realized my fault: during previous interviews I did not know exactly WHY they should hire particularly ME. Why am I better than OTHER candidates. I was not really motivated.

Guys, you should take a look on this video very thoroughly and get the main idea. Besides the technical info, or Info about the company you go to, or your personality, attitude and etc. and etc. You should also explain to yourself WHY you are better than others, and WHY they should hire you, not others. This is the main message..

Thanks to Mikhail Portnov and his School and his lessons!

Portnov Computer school gives you a good chance to start your career as SQA Engineer in short time

Dear friends,

I graduated from Portnov Computer school last year and would like to say thank you very much to Sofia and Mikhail. They are very good people doing an excellent job helping everyone personally to start new career and to believe in your future and dedication. With well-structured core classes supported by professional instructors, Portnov Computer school gives you a good chance to get new skills, improve your education and start your career as SQA Engineer in short time. I am very happy with Sofia and Mikhail and really recommend this school for anybody, who wants to make a career in SQA Industry.

My story:
Next week after I successfully completed QTP and QA classes, Mikhail and Sofia found a good internship for me. They placed me as Consultant in a software company. During my 2-month internship, I got excellent experience as QA Engineer.

After my Internship, Mikhail and Sofia guided me through the process of putting together a resume and getting ready to work on my own. I am generally a shy person, and therefore, getting new position wasn't very easy to me. Sofia understood my situation best of all. She was incredible supportive and helped me again to find a new job. Thanks to Mikhail and Sofia's network, I got a contract position with Kazeon Systems, a highly innovative software company in Mountain View. It was the job of my dream: great project, good payment, close to my house. They even provided free lunches. After that six month contract came to an end, I was able to get another position with Invitrogen, one of the biggest companies in Foster City which I found by myself.

Thank you very much Sofia and Mikhail for your hard work to help everyone.
My best wishes to Portnov Computer school.

I consulted my friends and they recommended QA

I would like to share with you my story.

As an artist and a psychologist by training I had been well aware that my educational background may not provide me with the abundance of career choices, especially here, in Silicon Valley. I still loved what I did and continued on, until economy spiraled down and I was among the first ones to lose my job. It seemed that regardless of what I tried I could not restore my employment in a dramatically changed and unstable job market. Suddenly, I had to re-evaluate my skills as well as abilities. Being so thoroughly artistic and non-technically inclined, for the first time, I sensed the urgency of trying a radical approach to my career.

I consulted my friends and they recommended QA. What was it - QA? I had not the slightest idea what this profession entailed. Yet, anyone I talked to admitted that this could be a possible cross-over from my bohemian jobs into something more technical, yet not too overwhelmingly so.
So, I made a quick inventory of my abilities, which included good writing skills, pretty good memory and sharp eye.....and with this I ended up at Portnov school's doorstep.

I took the initial skills assessment test and then talked to Sofia and Michael. They introduced me to the school's methodology, list of classes and some main key-points of QA tester's career. In addition, they invited me to audit several classes and get the general impression of school's environment and teaching procedures. After auditing a week of classes I made the final decision to attend the school full-time. And truly, it was new and exciting experience: the teachers were very professional, their presentations - excellent....and gradually I began to see a more complete picture of what this profession was like, which finalized with internship experience.

Could I possibly imagine that in these difficult economic times, just within one and a half month after completing my internship program, I would sign my first contract at the company I would dream to work for? And yet it happened. I understand that this does not mean the final destination. It is just
the beginning, but it an exciting beginning, which has direction and opportunities.

What the school will give you is professional instructors, well-structured system of core classes, help with your resume, an internship at the high-tech company and ever-resourceful career guidance.
What it will ask of you - hard work, belief in your future and dedication.

You can turn your life around and open many opportunities for yourself - wherever you are in your life!

Good luck!

Special thanks are:
- to Sofia for her efforts to help me with internship
- to Michael - for his smart career encouragement and humor at times when I needed it the most
- and of course, to all the new friends I met at school, who like me, have tried hard despite the circumstances and are on their way to changing their lives.

I really got a very good feedback about Portnov School

I came across lots of QA training programs while browsing through internet. I got to know from many people that, most of them will just give you false promises about 100% job placement. But I really got a very good feedback about Portnov School from one of my husband's colleague. So thought of giving a shot. It was worth the try.

Teaching was awesome. They even helped me to get an internship. Sofia was very helpful for me. I really recommend this school for anybody, who wants to make a career in SQA Industry

Ramya Nagendra

Thank you many times over Portnov School!!

I had a 4 year gap in my work career and was unsure how to transition my way back into the work field. I had thought of SQA and by chance found Portnov Computer School via a search engine. I am so glad that I did. After taking the course and less than 2 weeks after having my resume updated and sent out, I was offered a great opportunity with Stanford.

Signing up with Portnov was the best decision to have made. The classes were interesting and very real world. Sofia and Mikhail are such an asset to the school. Thank you especially to Sofia for understanding my situation and being incredibly supportive. I am very happy to have found you guys!

Thank you!!

Portnov Computer School Rocks!!!!!!

Thank you, Sofia and Mikhail !!!

All my efforts trying to get a job failed, that's when I saw an advertisement about Portnov Computer School. I meet Mikhail and even in his busy schedule took time to talk to me and help in deciding the courses to take at the school. For the first time in my life, I felt hope. After the course work Mikhail also guided me in preparing my resume.

Sofia, thank you so much for all your efforts. Today, can proudly tell everyone I have a career its beacuse of you. Thank you for your support, help, advice and valuable guidance. Portnov Computer School Rocks!!!!!!

Thank you Portnov Computer School.

I had absolutely no idea where to go and what to do

Hi everybody!

Here is my story:

Half year ago I with my family decided to move in US from eastern Europe. I had absolutely no idea where to go and what to do.

Friend of mine told me about Portnov Computer School. I went to this website, read about School and opportunities, that school provided. We decided why not? What is the best what we can do. We contacted with Mikhail and he agreed to take me in class. So, we come to US.

Mikhail met us in airport, took to Mountain View, helped to find apartments, gave many helpful advices about first steps in US.

Shortly after arrival I started my courses in Computer Computer School. I did it with all my efforts and possibilities. I want to say that all teachers, that practice in School know theirs subjects on a highest level and teach extremely professionally and effectively.

I didn't finish with my courses yet, when Mikhail and Sofia placed me as a Consultant in one of the startup company. That was perfect experience how to created software company from scratch. And, of course how to created QA departments and how they starts.

Shortly after internship with help of Mikhail's and Sofia's network, I was invited in software company as QA Engineer.

I very appreciate to Mikhail, Sofia and all Portnov Computer School for help and opportunities that they provided for me.

Thank you guys! Good luck and go ahead! You do a really good job!

I strongly recommend Portnov School for anyone who is planning to enter into SQA field

Hi All,
Here is my story...

I had a couple of years break in my career, so decided to take SQA and QTP classes from Portnov. The courses are excellent with high quality.

As soon as I finished with my courses Sofia placed me as a Consultant in one of the startup company. Later with Mikhail and Sofia's network I got into one of the most reputed organization as SQA Engineer for full time position.

I am very grateful to Sofia, Mikhail and Portnov staff. They work very hard not only giving the best courses but will guide and help you until they find a job/internship for you.

I strongly recommend Portnov School for anyone who is planning to enter into SQA field or who needs to polish their skills and update with new Technologies.

Attendance Can Bring A Considerable and Worthwhile Advantage

For someone seeking to build qualifications for employment in the Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing field, the school provides very valuable classes, lab resources, and services. As you would expect, the greatest value from the classes is gained by those who apply themselves to the study and practice of the presented material. I think the topical coverage of material in each of the four courses I attended was very good.

The school serves a student population with a wide range of technical experience, skills, and knowledge (from none of these traits, to advanced levels of them). One student might argue for more of "this" in a class, and another student might argue for more of "that." I think the school did a good job of juggling diverse educational needs and striking a balance.

The value of attending the school does not stop with its classes and lab resources. One of the greatest values of the school is in the area of internships. They make sure that students are able to participate in at least one internship opportunity. Furthermore, for those interested, they will also make dedicated efforts to help individuals gain additional internship opportunities. One other value offered by the school is assistance with Resume preparation.

I found the top-level officials of the school, Mikhail Portnov and Sophia Pravdina, truly dedicated to serving the good of the student. Also, I felt a similar ethos or spirit was present in all other people employed by the school, like Irina.

To anyone with a sincere interest and committment to building qualifications for employment in the Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing field, I believe Portnov Computer School's classes, lab resources, and services provide a considerable and worthwhile advantage.

A decision that you will never regret!!

Hi Sofia, Mikhail and all staff at Portnov,

This week I got an offer as SQA Engineer from a San Jose based company. Thanks a lot Mikhail and Sofia for connecting me with this Company. I don’t have words to express how helpful you were through out my job search period.

I couldn’t have accomplished this without the able guidance and training provided by Portnov’s core team. I learned a lot here which definitely helped me in getting this job.

Sofia and Mikhail, you both were the key people who were instrumental in getting me this opportunity.

I am very happy and fully satisfied with my all together experience (classes and job search) in Portnov.

Thanks a lot Mikhail for all the guidance especially the job search tips.

Thank you so much Sofia for being very supportive and for the encouragement that you have been giving me.

I highly recommend Portnov School for any one who is looking for a bright future in the field of Software Quality Assurance .No matter whether you are new to this field, looking for a career change or already in the field for years, want to be up to date with the new technologies. You will learn lot from this place .
I can guarantee that the decision to join here is a one that you will never regret!!!

Portnov School Is The Best

Hi Sofia & Mikhail,

I would highly recommend Portnov Computer School to anybody who want to choose a career in QA. The internships are wonderful and gives you hands on experience. As Mikhail rightly says, after the internship, you start gaining the confidence of attending job interviews. After completing two courses here at the school and completing internships, I landed up in a job.

Thanks Sofia & Mikhail!!

Right decision of joining Portnov school

I did my Software Quality Assurance course from Portnov Computer School.

With the help of Portnov placement center, I was able to get the internship in a very good company even before completing the course. The internship recovered more than the cost of the course. After completing the internship, I started applying for jobs and again Portnov School helped me to get, not one, but 2 job offers. I am so grateful to them and happy that I took the decision of joining Portnov school.

Portnov’s QA Computer School

If you are at the point of your life when you NEED a career change, update your technical skills, increase income or just feel good, doing something profitable for your future – you have to search no more. Portnov’s QA Computer School is your answer.

For all levels, and I mean it – ALL LEVELS – from the true beginners to professionals with over 10 years experience, looking for some polishing in technology – it’s the most effective, professional, affordable and friendly environment to learn and achieve your goals.

We relocated to Palo Alto and I decided to switch from the development to less stressful, but not less fun occupation – QA Engineer. I didn’t know where to start - checked few community colleges, UC extensions, etc, but all looked like long and expensive way to go, with the fixed rigid schedule.

After few hours at Portnov’s school, I realize that it’s “doable” for any budget, level and schedule. Beside well organized lectures and hands on material, the staff will babysit you with interview preparation, internships, encouragement. After 3 months I got a contract for $55/hour. Hooray to all the wonderful teachers, Michael Portnov and school administrator, Sofia.

You will have a lot for your time and money – GO FOR IT.

Thanks a lot

Hi Mikhail & Sofia,

I am very happy to inform you both regarding getting an offer for a contract position in Aplia. I am very grateful to both of you for provided me with all the support and guidance for enabling me to reach this point in my career path. I really appreciate Sofia for encouraging me all the time, giving confidence, answering my questions with patience. I am glad that I joined in Portnov Computer School. It is a turning point in my career. As I don’t have any real time experience, and took a break after my graduation, the training I took in Portnov really helped me allot, the internship you provided helped me to get confidence in my career.

Thanks to Mikhail and John for sharing their excellent knowledge and rich experiences. I had a great time in your classes and learned a lot. I really recommend PortnovSchool to everyone whoever is looking for an opportunity but doesn't know exactly the path to reach.

Thank yuo for all the help. I am looking forward to meet and share the cake with yuo all.


I never was a technical person

When I began the program at Portnov Computer School, I never imagined that a short time later I would receive offers not from one, but two fantastic companies (and that they would be bidding against one another to hire me)! I am delighted to report that I have accepted an amazing position with Yahoo! I just finished my first day of work and discovered that I will be traveling abroad with my team! I can't wait!

If you are a prospective Portnov Computer School student who is wondering "Can I do this? I don't have a technical background and I'm not sure if I can get a job in this field...", believe me, YOU CAN DO IT!! I was one of the most "non-technical" students in my class, and now I am what is called a "Technichal Yahoo!" It's incredible.

Portnov Computer School is not only a school with great instructors who will teach you what you need to learn, but a family who will root for you and cheer you on during the internship and interview process. I believe that the energetic support that the staff at Portnov provides to their students is their greatest strength as a school. Sofia, Mikhail and Irena are dedicated to helping you get a job! In reality, it is not only a job, but the beginning of a successful career where you can advance quickly if you have the motivation and will!

Thank you Sofia, Mikhail and Irena!!!!! You guys are the greatest!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I heard a lot about Portnov Computer School before

I just want to say Thank you very much for all training and help I got from School.

I heard a lot about Portnov Computer School before (I would say number of years), but always was skeptical about this form of education. Well... this is who I am I was trying to get in IT industry for a long time, but was always lacking experience and probably motivation. Finally I decided to try to take classes at Mikhail's school and I never regret it. Upon graduation I got an internship with a software company and after a couple a months my temporary position was turned into a permanent employment.

I doubt that any other school will provide you with internships like Portnov School does (trust me I had some experience before).

So, Thanks again for changing my life.


Portnov computer school changed my life, it will change yours as well

Let me tell you my story.

I am from Portland, Oregon. I have background as a software engineer. After 6 years of f gap, I decided to come back to IT. After short job market research I realized - SQA Engineer career seems to be the fastest and the easiest way back to IT.

I found Portnov Computer School on-line. After reviewing list of classes, schedules and price lists I made a quick decision and came to Mountain View, CA. I gave myself 4 month to find a job. Guess what... After a month of very intensive work (I took classes every day: SQA, QTP, Web Technology, Unix, Computer Technology and dedicated at least 8 Hours a day for self study), I felt confident to start a job search. It took me 10 days, 2 phone interviews and 2 personal interviews to have 2 six month contract job offers in Portland!!!

This school has unique methodology! Combination of professional teachers, detailed on-line library of all classes, intensive interview preparation, and internship opportunities makes it easy and fast for everybody to make a career in Software Quality Assurance.

This school changed my life, it will change yours as well. All what it takes – your decision and hard work.

Good luck!!! Amorina!!!

I was scared to enter the job market

After 12 years as a non working person, I was scared to enter the job market and was wondering where to start, when I met a neighbor, who was also a former Portnov Computer School student, who told me about the school and asked me to look it up. I went ahead and researched a lot about it on the Internet and read a lot of good reviews about them. So I went ahead to Portnov School and met Sofia.

The first time I met Sofia, she came across as a very energetic person and ready to answer all the questions thrown at her. When I went to Portnov School I was ready to sign up for the class, but Sofia advised me to sit in a class and see if it is something for me and then I could decide. Which was a very nice gesture. When I went in to the first class and heard Michael's presentation I was very impressed. Michael came across as a very straight forward person who stated facts and said “We provide a career change but it is ultimately up to you” I decided then and there this was something I can do and was very excited.

I went ahead and joined the class and got Yana as my instructor. Yana was very thorough in her class and expected the same from us. She made me realize that QA people need to be concise but analytical. We had a rigorous 9 week course at the end of which Michael gave very, very good tips for job search.

Just three days later Sofia set me up for an Interview for internship. I started working 3 days later. Seven weeks into the course my manager offered me a permanent position and I had 2 other offers for jobs. I finally ended up taking one of the other offers and left my internship in 8 weeks.

Portnov provided me with all the help that needed to succeed.

At this time with all my heart I only want to say one thing and that is “Thank you Michael, Sofia and Yana for giving me the confidence and expertise to go out and make a place for myself”.

Thank you,


Sunday, March 20, 2011

I would like to highly recommend Portnov Computer School ...

Taking this opportunity I want to express my gratitude and satisfaction with Software Quality Assurance Testing Course offered by Portnov Computer School. I was greatly impressed with the expertise, professionalism and the personal attention I received from the instructors.

Only couple of days after completing the program, I was hired. I feel confident, as the school has provided me with sound foundation in the field. A special ‘Thank You’ to Mikhail and Sofia for their assistance and advice in my job search. They not only helped me with my resume but also provided me with useful market information. I specially liked Mikhail’s class aiming at improving interview and job search skills.

I would like to highly recommend Portnov Computer School to anyone who is interested in learning and expanding their knowledge in the field of Software Quality Assurance.

Thanks again for your support and guidance.


I found the real help at Portnov Computer School

I came to America a few years ago. I had to start my live from the beginning. Again have to do difficult choice about profession.

I started to take English classes at City College and take some computer classes at same time. I got a certificate. I was happy. And started my job search. But no luck there. Nobody wanted to hire me without experience.

Some how, I find out about Portnov Computer School. After I finished classes I got my first job interview and job offer! I am so happy, couldn’t believe myself. All my life begins to change in America!

This is about Portnov Computer School and people who work there. It is their help, their classes helped me to get a job. Thank you so much Michael, Sofia, Irinka and everybody. This school is different from others especially because people care if you get a job. I had before a bad experience when school just wants to take your money, and don’t care what you will learn there, and if you find job after it.

I found the real help at Portnov Computer School. They help with writing a resume, teach you what to do and what not to do on an interview. After that you feel pretty comfortable to go on interview and meet your future employer.

I met new friends there (Hi guys!). We help each other during the studying. And I hope we keep our relationship after school. You have to believe that you can do it too. And you will find real support at the School.

Thank you so much to everyone!


I was a student of Portnov computer school two years ago

I was a student of Portnov computer school two years ago. A friend of mine told me about her experience, and how she found the job and became a QA tester after finishing school. I decided to try if this could help me too.

I had a gap in my working experience, and all my attempts to get a job were unsuccessful. So I signed up for classes and I really enjoyed the learning experience.
After taking the classes I got signed up for an internship to find out what the workplace feels. In a few months, I got my first job – that was a one year contract at Google. Not bad for the first time? Now, thanks to Mikhail and Sofia, I have a permanent job as a QA tester.

The Portnov computer school has definitely helped me in succeeding at what I do and I am glad I met all these people - instructors and staff - who works where.

Thank you so much and good luck!


Portnov Computer School changed my professional life

Hi All!

Portnov Computer School changed significantly my professional life. I began QA class on October 2007… by mid-December I got an interview, and the very next day a job offer. Right now I'm a contractor with high possibilites of becoming a full time employee.

I extremely happy in my new job doing QA for this Sunnyvale based Company. Portnov Computer School gave me the guidelines on how to be a successful tester. Definitely, Portnov was the best choice!

My best advice to new QA students would be to pay close attention to the Instructor in class.. they know what they are talking about.. plus they give you pointers and tips for interviews.

Thank you Mikhail, Sofia and Irina!!!! you are the best!

Alba M

Saturday, March 19, 2011

When I decided to take classes in Portnov Computer School ...

When I decided to take classes in Portnov Computer School last year, I never thought of finding a job as good as the school helped me find…

I was already 46, had a huge gap in working experience, and started to feel as a big looser. Even though I have had a previous job in software development (a long-long time ago in Russia) , I thought that my chances to find a job I would like were almost zero- no American job experience, lack of English skills, no confidence. It was so depressing!

But my husband encouraged me at least to visit the first Testing class in Portnov Computer School, just to try it out. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

Besides essential knowledge and help, this school gives us self-confidence and hope, which are even more important.

Of course, it does not mean that Sofia must grant us a good job "on a silver platter" – we have to work hard, be really motivated, and follow all of Mikhail's and Sofia's advices.

They are really incredible people. The atmosphere at school is so warm and friendly, that I felt as if I was surrounded by a family.

I've read many successful stories from different students, and I agree with all the good words about the School.


Do not use the long way

I am from Ukraine. In 1983 I graduated from Railway Transport Institute with a degree in Applied Math. I used to work in the mechanical Institute of National Academy of Science. We were researching how to improve the construction of the train carts by comparing the experimental data (accelerations and forces at specific points) with data from our math model implemented in FORTRAN. I mostly did my coding in FORTRAN.

I came in San Jose in August 2001 after my husband got an H1B visa and my daughter and I got an H4 visa.

I got my green card after living here for 5 years. During the time that I was on the H4 visa I studied English, Accounting, C/C++/C#/Java, SQL and more. The more classes I took, the more confused I would get. I felt that no matter how much I learned I still lacked knowledge and experience to become a developer. A part of me wanted to program, another just wanted get a job as a QA engineer.

In August of 2005 I got a work authorization and then started applying for the developer(C#.NET) position around December.

A friend invited me to attend 2 free lessons about job search that were happening at the Portnov Computer School. After attending those lessons, I talked with Mikhail Portnov and he explained to me how difficult it would be for me to find a position as a developer and compete with resent graduates, who will be twice as young compared to me... Portnov explained that I had much better chances of finding a job if I prepared myself for the tester position and then I could be the best QA engineer in a team. He promised me that I'll get a job and we chose which classes I should take.

This step has changed my life. I learned how to believe in myself. This school's philosophy is to prepare you for a job and to help you find it.

I spent 3 months taking classes in Portnov's school. Afterwards, I spent about 2 months looking for a job. When I was confused with the job search, I would call Mikhail and he would help me analyze my mistakes and explain the best way to answer the interview questions. He encouraged and supported me.

Just when I was getting really frustrated with the interviewing process and wanted to give up, I got a 1-year contract with Google. I started there as a black box tester and later wrote test automation framework for toolbar using Eggplant. It took 1 month long until I got another offer for a contract with a startup initiated by Amazon.

In his school, Mikhail teaches how to test, get a job, keep the job. Most importantly, his school teaches you how to succeed. By taking the classes, most people are able to get to the career where they can get appreciated and paid for what they do.

I would have never been able to have a new carrier without Mikhail and Sofia help.

My family, my friends and I are very proud of me.

Thank you!!!

Just an update.

A month after my second contract (Amazon) I got an offer from a company which interviewed me last summer before I got first job offer from Google. I told a QA Director there that it is a fate, my life path have to go through his company, my skills set makes me the best match for an open position, I AM the best for the position and will bring to the company so much quality…
During both interview rounds I was very exited and my energy and enthusiasm made me the one who got the OFFER.

Thanks to Mikhail's videos. I watch them before each face to face interview and every time I was able to find something new and useful. These videos gave me the energy and helped me believe in myself.

About the position: fulltime; black box; automation with Selenium, have to start from scratch; white box C# and Nunit (finally I got a chance to use C#)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Old time Portnov Computer School Graduate says Hi !!

I received that email message today:

Hi Mikhail,
How are you doing?

I was your student back to year 2000। You and your school changed my life forever, it was my best investment I made. I have been working for past 10+ years, from QA Engineer to lead QA Engineer. Thanks a lot!!

I lost my full time QA job in Jan. 2010. After that, I have been working as a contractor in Yahoo, Panasonic, now I am working in Broadcom, still as a contract QA. My goal is find a decent, full time QA Engineer job. I have looked your website and found out you have "Job Search" class, but it's not currently open. You also have lots of other classes, but I am not sure which one will help me to achieve my goal। Could you please give me some suggestions? I also attached my resume for your reference.

Thanks and talk to you soon. Linda.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Portnov Computer School - good turning point

Hi Mikhail & Sofia. I am very happy to inform you both regarding getting an offer for a contract position in Wells Fargo. I am very grateful to both of you for provided me with all the support and guidance for enabling me to reach this point in my career path.

I really appreciate Sofia for encouraging me all the time, giving confidence, answer my questions with patience. I am glad that i joined in Portnov Computer School. It is a turning point in my career. As I dont have any real time experience, and took a break after my graduation, the training I took in Portnov School really helped me alot.

The internship you provided helped me get confidence to attend the interview. Thanks to Mikhail and John for sharing their excellent knowledge and rich experiences. I had a great time in your classes and learned a lot. I really recommend Portnov School to everyone whoever looking for an opportunity but don't know exactly the path to reach.

Thank you for all the help. I am looking forward to meet and share the cake with you all.

Regards, Meeraja.

I was an English teacher

For ever Mike and Sofia will be in my thoughts, because they have changed my life. I was an English teacher. I took some classes in Portnov Computer School that changed my carrier, that’s how I entered into IT field.

Then I ended up in doing my masters in computer science. Now I work as Software QA Engineer. I took Software QA class, even before I finish my class, I got job. Just all I did was followed Mike words religiously.

The Software QA and Automation classes in Portnov are very detailed and they are the best. When Mike teaches Software QA class, I can feel a positive energy which made me strong. He will not stop teaching only the QA part but he will teach how to hunt for job and face interviews.

When ever I change my job or disappointed with my job, if I talk to Mike and Sofia I feel I got all my energy back and refreshed.

Thank you so much Mike and Sofia for changing my life.

I decided I wanted to transition into Software Quality Assurance

I have worked in the Software industry for many years in various positions as: Software Programmer, Systems Analyst and Technical Support. After trying all these different positions, I decided I wanted to transition into Software Quality Assurance which in my opinion is a less stressful work environment. I was finding it difficult entering into this field of Quality Assurance because I lacked the skills and the experience associated with Automation tools that the industry demanded.I thoroughly researched many different Software Automation Schools to determine which one fitted me the best for the Automation skills that I knew I lacked and I chose Portnov Computer School. My reason for choosing this school is the simple fact they offer the most up-to-date current Software Automation courses e.g., Quick Test Pro (QTP), LoadRunner, WinRunner, SilkTest etc.

I began taking classes in 2005 and found their courses to be absolutely first class along with their facilities and materials. The Professors were brilliant, informative, helpful and very patient with us. We learned a lot of valuable information in a very short time. Mikhail and Sofia made us feel very welcome and put us at ease, not to mention how they have helped their students in finding and placing them with suitable jobs.

Thanks to Portnov Computer School, I am currently working at my present job doing Quick Test Professional (QTP) as a permanent employee. I want to express my deepest thanks to Mikhail and Sofia for all their kind help.

Best wishesDouglas

Monday, March 14, 2011

Portnov Changed my life for better!

My Name is Aan. I am a graduate in Economics from India and was working in India as Project Associate in centre for Environment Education in India for 8years. I did not possess any computer related skills then.

I came to US and started my job in Retail industry. In the meantime I was on the look out for a career option too. I came to know about Portnov Computer school through a local Magazine. I contacted Portnov School. After speaking to Mikhail I have decided to take the risk of joining the class (never regretted for that decision). As per Mikhail advice I took QA, QTP, Unix and Technology class. After I finished my class I have been offered the internship. That really helped me to have hands on experience in QA as well as writing test plans, test cases and bug report.

I got the job after finishing my internship with a decent salary (that I never could have imagined). In meantime whenever I feel that I need to refresh the knowledge I used to repeat the classes (Portnov gives us an option to repeat the classes). After joining my job also, Mikhail and Sophia were always there whenever I needed them for guidance and all the other help I could think off.

Portnov really made a difference in my life. If anybody wanted to change their life for better, they can do it too through Portnov.

Thanks Mikhail and Sophia for all your guidance and support.

In the meantime I would like to thank my teachers, John (QTP): He is an excellent Teacher with lot of experience. He was always available to answer our questions while in the class, after the class and through e-mails. Thank you John. Lena (Unix): She is a wonderful teacher who really took so much effort to teach us the concepts until we all get it right. Thank you Lena.

Re-entering the world of QA

My name is Naftuli Furman. I came to this country in 1987. Time was real hard and difficult to find a job, specially if you have a background of architecture and speak little English (My native language is Spanish and Hebrew).

So I became a computer programmer and after few years migrated to the QA Testing world. After working for many financial and computer companies, the last been Charles Schwab & Co. I was laid off on year 2000. So I decided to change carriers and became a Real Estate investor for 7 years.

Now, all real estate is down and I am out, soooooo back to QA, but how to get back into the fields after 7 years? THE PORTNOV SCHOOL gave me current knowledge and upgraded my skills to the point that I got a job offer AFTER 3 WEEKS OF TAKING CLASSES. I was so happy and surprise !!!

I was ready to work for Safeway or Longs Stores just to pay for my bills. But Sofia and Mikhail did a wonderful job. Mikhail made a new resume from my experience and new knowledge and Sofia found an employer interested on my background.

I love you guys...... you are A WONDERFUL TEAM....

I am feeling thankful

I was lucky to find out about Portnov Computer School about ten years ago when I was thinking about what kind of work I want and can do here in the United States.

One day I came to the school, talked to people, learned more about school, and decided to enroll in SQA classes. Once I started attending classes, I felt this is what I would like to do. The more I learned, the more I liked it and looked forward to getting my first job in America.

Upon completion of my classes Mikhail helped me with my resume. The school has connections with many companies and I was referred to some of them, which were hiring at that time. Soon I had my first interview. I couldn’t believe my ears when I had been offered a permanent QA position at one of the companies. I was happy to accept the offer. My dream came true! It was my first real work experience in America. It was amazing experience!

Then I had an opportunity to work for other companies in Bay Area. Later on when I lost my job due to layoff, I came back to school again! Sofia and Michail provided a great support to cope with my unemployment; they gave me a hope that everything will be just fine.

I learned new subjects at school; Mikhail updated my resume with my new skills and Sofia sent my resume for several open positions. I had three interviews and got an offer. Thanks Sofia and Mikhail very much! Sofia and Mikhail are very dedicated, enthusiastic people. They do remarkable job! Portnov Computer School helped me to define my career path, helped me to succeed in my life. I appreciate it very much! Should I start everything all over again, I would definitely go the same route. No doubt! Portnov Computer School is a great place to start!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Portnov computer school is a right choice

I have recently got hired as a Test Engineer and will be starting on October 29th. I am really appreciative to Michael and Sofia for theirs help.

I was looking for a job almost a year without any luck; even though, I had a Cisco Certification and the degree in Computer Science it was extremely hard to get an interview but through this school within month i got two job offers.

In my opinion, Portnov School is extremely effective in: Teaching, Training, and placing students in right companies according to their background and strength.


Story of Alena & Oleg - green car lottery winners

In April of 2006 we came to USA from Belarus as winners of Green Card lottery. We – that’s me, Alena, 23 years old and my husband Oleg, 25 years old. We have no relatives here, in USA, so we had no idea where to go, what state to choose for residency. We graduated recently from university in Minsk, Belarus (BS in Computer Science), but didn’t have much of relevant experience in the IT field.

Our decision of joining Portnov Computer School came to us after reading other people stories at forum (Russian language forum for green card lottery enthusiasts). And we are very lucky that we attended Portnov Computer school at the second day of our arrival. We found there not only the intensive training but also the moral support (we definitely needed it that time).

We studied every day, all day long. In the evenings we attended lectures that were really good. After three weeks Michael and Sofia helped us to get Internship in a software company. It was really helpful for the future job search. As a result – at the end of the internship our QA manager offered us an SQA Engineer position. I decided to accept the offer. At the same time my husband got three face-to-face interviews, and one of them resulted in a Job Offer for permanent position!

My advice for new students of Portnov Computer School: do ALL what Michael and Sofia tell you to do - and you will achieve the best results you ever expected. They know the right way of doing it.

Thank you, Michael and Sofia, for all your help, knowledge sharing and support!
Alena & Oleg

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Here I got knowledge and real help

I think that my story is familiar to many women who came to America on H-4 visa. Although I had a good education and some working experience in Russia, I didn’t feel stable here unable to speak English, not having a Social Security number and permission to work. To gain a feeling of confidence, I studied English in college and later took some classes in accounting, business, programming and other courses, trying to find out what I’d enjoy and be good at here in America. When I understood that I would get my work authorization soon, I started to think seriously about finding a job.

Realizing that a profession of QA engineer is in demand, I decided that it would be a great opportunity for me since I have a math background and some knowledge in computer and programming. However, I didn’t know how to start. To find that first job in America is a big problem for numerous people. One of my friends advised me to go to Portnov School. She said that she knew several people who found a job quickly after graduation from this school. For several months I wondered whether to go or not.

What made me doubt? Tuition; It seamed a bit too high for me. But in reality, I just needed two weeks of work to return that money back. Also, I considered the late time of classes. Usually they finished at 11:00pm. Being an early bird person, I was afraid that I would be sleepy by that time and wouldn’t understand anything. To my surprise, I stayed awake and active the whole time. The classes were so interesting that I sometimes lost track of time and ended up stayed a bit longer at school than needed talking with classmates and teachers. The teachers were professional, with a sense of humor, and encouraged me and other students to participate in the discussions, completing assignments and other work activities.

Why do I like this school? What have I found here? Warm and friendly environment, where people teamed up by a common goal – to become good testers and find a job, shared their life stories, knowledge and interview experiences. Here, at this school, I met some old friends and made new ones. Not only that, but I got huge help with resume, internship (where I got my experience of work in America), and job search. I really appreciate Mikhail and Sofia, who encouraged me, made me more self-confident, and found the company where I had my interview and got my job.

At this school I got good QA training and learned job search skills (how to prepare for the interview, and how behave to make good impression). Here I heard a lot of stories about how people got their jobs, how they answered tricky questions, and found not traditional solutions for some tasks. At this school there’s an excellent tradition: if a student finds a job, he or she brings a cake to school. I attended school twice a week, and at least once a week we had a cake at break time. We knew that somebody finished his/her job search journey. One month ago, I and some of my friends with whom I took classes brought our cakes to school for new students to show our appreciations and say “Thank You” to the people who established this school and those who work here.

I wanted to start my post with a little background

I received that one via email today and the author asked me to keep her name confidential, which happens sometimes. Enjoy!!!

My background is Commerce/Accounting. I worked in a bank for 7yrs before I decided to make a career change. I was afraid because I had to make the right choice and of course skeptical of all the promises that were made to me. My choice of Portnov is attributed to 2 things first it was Mikhail's honesty to what I can expect during the course and in my QA career (without any sugar coating) and secondly seeing their method of teaching.

My teacher was Yana, she was extremely patient to all my questions (I had a lot of them), she made sure that all her students understood the concepts and stressed on what could be possible interview questions. Then at the end of the course the mock interview was extremely helpful. When I was done with the course I knew that I was ready for a job.

Mikhail helped the class with preparing our resume (Yes he sat with us individually) and gave us tools so that we could look for jobs, through the job search class (extremely helpful!)

Looking for an internship is not the easiest thing, that's when Sofia comes in. She got interviews for us and worked diligently till we all got internships.

I got a great internship job after completing my QA course. As a part of the reorganization of the company I was laid off in December. I went back to Portnov/ Sofia to look for another job. Mikhail helped me update my resume. Sofia was on top of things and got me an interview with a company. Before the interview Yana and Mikhail brainstormed interview questions and got me well prepared. I got the job at Auto Desk. It is a fantastic company to work for with a great pay.

Thank you Mikhail, Sofia and Yana for helping get where I am but more importantly keeping up to the expectations with which I joined Portnov.

I would recommend Portnov over any school.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Got job in 3 weeks after starting QA training

Hola, mi nombre es Naf Furman, si esto es verdad, yo recibi tres interviews y acepte un trabajo cerca de mi casa, aqui en Mountain View. Yo llegue a los Estados Unidos hace 16 anos, trabaje como programador de computadoras por 10. Luego me puse a trabajar como inversionista en casas y terrenos por 6 anos. Pero las cosas cambiaron en la economia y ahora estoy devuelta en la indusctria de la programacion.

Portnov Computer School gave the FASTEST WAY TO GO BACK TO BE PROFESSIONAL QA ENGINNER. The courses are RIGHT IN DEMAND BY EMPLOYERS. Yes, is true, I got a nice starting job on a Networking Company after 3 weeks of classes.

Интересно видеть много культур и людей для во всем мире, индуса, Испанию, Китай в Школе Портнова.Я уже сделал немного друзей из Пакистана (они говорят Язык урду), Ali и Эмира от моего класса на QTP - Испытательном Классе Автоматизации. Прибудьте к Школе Портнова, делайте друзей, изучите БЫСТРОДЕСТВУЮЩУЮ профессию, и даже наклонитесь новый Язык, хороший bye.

What are you waiting for?

Currently, I’m working in one of the best companies in the Bay Area. Meanwhile, about two years ago I could not imagine that I’ll be working in a bright and clean office with an amazing view, in the real American company. And I could not imagine that I will have a real salary.

Two year ago I worked in Mission Dog Rescue. My responsibilities were to care of approximately 20 dogs. Also, I should of clean up their cages, walk them and feed them. Dogs loved me and I also respected all dogs, who had absolutely different characters and different behaviors. It was my first American Job.

Before I moved to the US, I worked in one of the advertising agencies in Moscow in another bright and clean office with another great view. I was not a program developer. I was just an advanced user of the Windows Operating System.

Can you imagine what I was thinking about while I was cleaning a rescue’s territory? All the time I thought how to continue my life path, and how to find something less extreme than picking up dog’s poop.

Once upon a time I came across a web site: ”Portnov Computer School”.“Quality Assurance” and “Testing”. I had no any idea what is all of that.

I called Mr. Portnov. I introduced myself and told him my story. He was very interested in my story. He told me “What are you doing with your life? Shame on you. You are the graduate of University, you are bachelor of the EE. It doesn’t matter that last time you studied was 20 years ago. You should come to my School and study. You may have many different opportunities after completing classes. But most important, for now that you should become a student”.

As you see I didn’t have any other ideas what to do. Several days later, Portnov personally met me in San Jose bus station. That evening I had my first class at Portnov’s School. As you see my English is far from perfect. But let me tell you that two years ago it was absolutely horrible. Therefore, when the teacher opened his mouth, I realized that all instruction were given in English. I did not understand much. For several days I was in deep shock. But after a while, I started to adapt and started to understand the main points. I will be honest. I did study a lot. I came to school at 11am each day and left after classes at 11 pm. The school gave me access to Internet, books, brochures, exercises and exposure. All instructors were very good. Most importantly, they gave me immediate help and answered my questions each time I had a question. They were always there for me and ready to help. After about two month of training, the School sent me to the Internship. One month later I started to send out my resume. When I finally found my job in a bright and clean office with an amazing view, in the real American company, I was absolutely in heaven. I’m still there.

In conclusion what else can I say? If I did it- you could do it also! It is real. I could also speak from my ex- schoolmates. They had nothing, they took several courses and they are all working and they are all happy. So, what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Alex: Those who know - Know!

Graduating from this school was one of the best things that happened to me: I found my way into Software QA Engineering.

Entire program helped me to get the technical and interview skills needed to get me going. School has long lasting relationships with local companies, so I could get my internship and feel the SQA reality. Mikhail and Sofia are very supportive to students in the school and really help everyone to succeed. Talk to them and... get started.

Good luck! Alex

Jaime: Experience at Portnov Computer School

Attending the Portnov School was of the best decisions I’ve made. It changed my life for the better. Thank you Sofia! I think anyone who is contemplating a career in SQA should consider attending Portnov School. You can’t lose. When starting a career, it helps knowing people in the industry and Portnov Computer School has a lot of connections.

They helped me get an internship and forwarded my resume to the hiring manager of my very first Web QA engineering job. Come to think of it, I am in my current position, which is a permanent employee because of them. Having the skills helped, but they opened the door for me. Portnov School really cares for its students, especially their Director Sofia Pravdina. Sofia wants to see you succeed!

Former student, Jaime Gonzalez

Monday, March 7, 2011

Manikanta thanks Portnov Computer School

I am thankful to Mikhail, Sofia and Yana for the SQA Express Training, help with resume preparation, arranging the interview and further for the placement in the internship program.

The training that I underwent in Portnov during the last two months is a valuable learning to me. The lectures followed by the hands on practice in the real time projects along with the interview tips helped boost my confidence. I am sure that this training program with Portnov will prove as an asset all through my professional career.

I appreciate the time and effort that Mikhail, Sofia and Yana spent for making it happen to me and many more like me. Mikhail helps lay a strong foundation of QA processes and methodologies through his introductory class. His Job Search Session during the training works wonders and gives us very important interview tips. This session motivates us with a 'Go Get It' attitude.

Yana is an excellent instructor and Project Manager. She is great at explaining the concepts and helping with the hands on. Her Management skills during the live project helps us develop the potential to work in teams reporting to the leads exactly as in a real company. Her tips and suggestions always proved handy to me. The quizzes in the class along with the practice interview makes us well prepared to face any interview.

Sofia is the best when it comes to arranging interviews and placing the students. I appreciate the way she handles each student's needs to place them. Taking into consideration that I do not drive, Sofia helped me find internship in San Jose itself. I am greatly thankful to her for that. She also makes sure that the students are well-prepared and have all the information required to attend interviews. I guess that's what also makes her the favorite among recruiters who in turn are very positive about the candidates she sends.

I regret the fact that I did not come to know about Portnov earlier. My experience with Portnov encourages me to recommend the training offered here to everyone who are looking for a job/professional change. I could not have done it without the encouragement, inspiration, knowledge and drive that Portnov imparted through this SQA Express Training, Projects and Quizzes. Once again, extending my deep gratitude to Portnov School, Mikhail, Sofia and Yana...

From Dentistry to QA

Once I caught luck for its tail and won a Green Card. As far as it was my dream since childhood I did not hesitate a minute with a decision whether to move to the USA or not. I packed my bag and went to America two weeks after I had had my immigrant visa in the pocket.

Obviously, I realized that obtaining permanent legal US residences only won’t let me get all the benefits from life that I desire to achieve. You have to do something for living without any doubt to succeed. Unfortunately, I couldn't’t bring my profession into new environment right away for several objective and subjective reasons. I’m a dentist by the way. Thus, I had to choose another specialty to start up in US. Being in Russia and awaiting for my visa approval I accidentally encountered some data in regards of Portnov Computer School when browsed through the Internet. The first feeling was: “No, it’s not for me. I’m too much far away from that field”. A week or two later I looked through Portnov web site once again more thoroughly, read some reviews and testimonials from former students and catch myself on mind that at least I could try. Anyway, I won’t lose much in case it’s not for me at all. Moreover, I was questioning: “If my brother became a developer why I can’t work in IT sphere?”

At last, having enlisted the relatives’ support I asked Mikhail for enrollment. My first class was the next day I crossed the border. Then I have been studying vigorously as a full time student from 10am to 11pm 5 days a week. It is of crucial importance to stay at school as much time during the day as you can, because environment there is very special. Stuff is extremely helpful and amicable in school. In case you have a question related to the subject or perhaps to some tool installation on your laptop you will probably find a solution there. Moreover, you are more likely to get on fly an opportunity to go for a paid internship interview when offer arrives to the office at the time you are present at school.

This is how it happened to me three weeks after I started. Although, my first interview experience did not result in success, I passed the second one. So, now I am doing my second week of my paid internship in the company which office is located in San Francisco, the city I am in love with. Does it sound as success for a person who is only two month in America and who does not have any IT background? Yes, it is! And it’s only the beginning. For sure it is! Once again, I would like to thank all the people who supported me on my path from meeting at the airport through educational process to getting the internship. Among them are Mikhail Portnov, Sofia Pravdina, Yana Mezher and of course, my new friends and roommates who believed in my progress from beginning. Thanks a lot.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saraswathi: Had to take some break, because of personal reasons

I had about few years of work experience. Had to take some break, because of personal reasons. Then, started to look out for job this year beginning. Din't get good responses. Hence, started to learn courses in Portnov Computer School.

At the end of the course, I am able to get into an internship. I am very happy to start the work.

Thank you so much for all your help.


Portnov Computer School - the right choice for me

Lili came to US from Bulgaria as a winner of DV (Green card) lottery administered by US Government. She was referred to the school by her friends. Her life changed dramatically and it happened real fast.
Sofia and Mikhail I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you've done to help me. Thank you for all the assistance you have provided me during the training at Portnov Computer School. Thanks for being so supportive. I appreciate the information and advice you have given me. Your expertise and help have been invaluable during this process. Thank you for helping me find a job. I highly recommend Portnov Computer School for any one who is looking for a start in the field of Software Quality Assurance. Again, thank you so much.

Warm regards,

Viktoria: Dreams come true! Welcome to Portnov Computer School.

Viktoria is a recent graduate. She just came to US from a little coal mining town in Ukraine. Her English (I did not change a word) is not perfect yet. But she has a permanent job in Software testing and lots of career aspirations as well. Enjoy:
Hi everybody, let me tell my story, how I am became QA Engineer

A year ago, I arrived to the US as a winner of DV lottery.
I have computer background. But when I try to find job in USA for my specialization, the biggest that I receive that chance to be cashier in store or cleaner in bank! Not so bad!? Yes not so bad for beginning, but not for me. I spent 5 month for understanding that everything is not so easy, and I need help of professionals. That is why my second decision was go to study. College!? But it will take too long time and cost too much!
That's why I decided to start with training in Portnov Computer School to gain new professional knowledge, learn the rules of the job market, get acquaintance with everyday American reality, and finally to get an intellectual job within IT industry.

So "Welcome to Portnov Computer School!". Mikhail not just met me in airport (I arrived from other state), also he helped me find apartments and good roommates (school students) for few month!

During the initial period of training, I was busy all the days with a plenty of new information. I’ve been stood vigorously as a full time student from 10am to 11pm 5 days a week. It is of crucial importance to stay at school as much time during the day as you can, because environment there is very special. Stuff is extremely helpful and amicable in school. The biggest interest for me was in Automation testing, I chose Selenium (as you may know school has classes of QTP, Silk and Selenium). I took course of SQA, Technology and Selenium automation testing.

After 2 month training in school, I have really helpful mock interview with Yana. On this interview Yana show some holes in your knowledge, or help find better words how showing your previews experience. And also it help you be prepared for real interviews, after interview with Yana, I was not scared anymore. I was in few interviews, but one of them was most complicated, because company was looking for somebody who could work with Automation testing. School training and short practical QA experience supported by the knowledge from my previous profession were enough to pass this interview and I got contract. First month it was unpaid internship contract, then 2 more months it was paid internship in this company....And one week ago I was offered a full-time position with benefits!!! And I really happy Because the company has ranked on the top 50 fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley. Company connects digital merchants providers, network operators and consumers with payment, commerce and marketing services.

I am working in one of the fast growing company in Silicon Valley, I work with automation Selenium and I love my job.

When I got offer I still attends school for evening classes several times a week, and becomes more and more skilled specialist in SQA.

Thank you so much, Ellie (Selenium class) and David (Technology class), You’re the best teachers that I ever met. Thank you Ellie for you positive attitude and David for your patience. You help me so much on my way in QA.

Of course the biggest and warmest regards to the Sofia, she Like Second Mother for all students and she never gives up!

And Mikhail, base of school. His "Job search" class really stimulates you for growing as professional and gives you so many tricks to find good job faster! Thank you!

And last what I want to say for future students! You should remember that Sofia and Mikhail just show you a way...they will not learn instead you! YOU should study, study and study...and then YOU will reach your target! Portnov Computer School gives you choice for better life! Good luck