Friday, February 1, 2019

My journey at Portnov has been amazing..!!

My journey at Portnov has been amazing..!! I'm happy to say that they have laid the foundation to my dreams. I just got an internship offer after successful completion of their program(also includes passing final exams and passing internship clearance). I have chosen QA Express program after hearing great things about Portnov from friends and family. It's quite interesting to see how passionate, understanding and dedicated the staff at Portnov are, in helping students achieve their goals. They're also very humorous I must say, which makes the classes even more interesting :-) The environment is very professional, friendly and almost simulates a real workplace. Expect occassional visits from guest speakers and previous Portnov students who are now well established in the field to provide a few insights and share their experiences which is such a great motivational boost. Many students here come from various backgrounds and regardless Portnov has been very efficient in jump-starting students on their career path. They cover a lot of topics in a very well-detailed manner in such a short time. Being a part of Portnov can be very rewarding to someone that has genuine passion to become a Software QA Engineer. Even developers come here to gain more knowledge on Software QA. Make sure to take notes in class, it can be very helpful towards the end of the term. Try not to skip any classes or be late to classes if you can, so you don't miss on anything; since they cover a lot of subject in just one day and also offer many valuable suggestions and tips. All the best..!!