Thursday, December 1, 2011

Five Star’s Education under Fifty Star’s Flag

I would highly recommend Portnov’s Computer School to all Americans who are brave enough to believe that there is a legitimate and exciting way to start a new career.

I am one of many women who have come to the forty year life milestone with the baggage of marriage, kids, and some professional experience here and there. My move from Arizona to SF Bay Area, in April 2011, gave me a chance to fulfill my dream and find myself. Portnov’s School modifies and enhances my medical secretary work-background and undergraduate College classes into a high-demand, Software Quality Assurance profession. The School helps me enroll in a paid Internship in a top-rated High-Tech Company within five months from the SQA class’s start day.

I will rate the Portnov’s School with five stars for its uniqueness and motivation to help each Student to succeed. There are a few features that Portnov’s Computer School offers: You can repeat classes again and again at no extra charges, you can create customized subject’s schedules, you can create and update your professional resume for free, you can be involved in real-life testing projects inside school, you can get work interview’s exercises in one–on-one session with the School’s Department Manager, you can build your Professional Social Network and Connection, you will get guaranteed Internship in one of fifty plus partner’s companies in SF Bay Area.

I am amazed by the patience, professional ethics and creativity of each Teacher. The School’s unique strength is the teaching Personnel: most of the Lecturers are active high-rank QA Managers from Silicon Valley’s companies that share their knowledge and experience with open heart and passion. Friendly and informal environment in the class helps adult students to overcome tension and fears; professional ethics and patience of Personnel encourage go over the language and cultural barriers; sophisticated and continuously updated knowledge of Teachers motivated to achieve a high expectation of the industry’s standard.

Do not expect an “easy way to go” into industry without intense learning and volume of homework. But if you open your eyes and ears for exciting lectures, have an open mind to understand structures and flow of the testing methods, open your heart to feel the creativity of the software development’s processes; - you will become a successful and happy person like me.

I want to THANK you Mikhail, Sofia, Marina, Yana, David, Lesya, Frank, Irina, Yan – all my Great Teachers, Helpers, Mentors, and Friends for my success in the Software Quality Assurance profession within six months.
Thank you, Portnov’s School, for positive involvement in my life.

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