Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am from Uruguay and I like to share my story with you

Hi everyone,
My name is Fabian, I am from Uruguay and I like to share my story with you.
My fiancé and I used to live in Ohio and one day she found in internet about PORTNOV SCHOOL, then she moved here to California and after three months in the school she got a job and after that I moved and I started attend the school. And now I’m working.

This is my first internship but I’m still attending to classes at night time and I look for keep growing in my knowledge and in my carrier.

If anyone, no matter where you from, is looking for a carrier, for your future, I strongly recommend you put attention to PORTNOV SCHOOL. This decision will change your life.

Everyone in the school will work for your success, from the teacher to Michael, who is owner of the school and Sofia, she is the Director of Operations, she always support you, will fight for you to get the best place, the best company for you.
They will put you in the right way.
Give it a try!!!!

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