Friday, March 11, 2011

Story of Alena & Oleg - green car lottery winners

In April of 2006 we came to USA from Belarus as winners of Green Card lottery. We – that’s me, Alena, 23 years old and my husband Oleg, 25 years old. We have no relatives here, in USA, so we had no idea where to go, what state to choose for residency. We graduated recently from university in Minsk, Belarus (BS in Computer Science), but didn’t have much of relevant experience in the IT field.

Our decision of joining Portnov Computer School came to us after reading other people stories at forum (Russian language forum for green card lottery enthusiasts). And we are very lucky that we attended Portnov Computer school at the second day of our arrival. We found there not only the intensive training but also the moral support (we definitely needed it that time).

We studied every day, all day long. In the evenings we attended lectures that were really good. After three weeks Michael and Sofia helped us to get Internship in a software company. It was really helpful for the future job search. As a result – at the end of the internship our QA manager offered us an SQA Engineer position. I decided to accept the offer. At the same time my husband got three face-to-face interviews, and one of them resulted in a Job Offer for permanent position!

My advice for new students of Portnov Computer School: do ALL what Michael and Sofia tell you to do - and you will achieve the best results you ever expected. They know the right way of doing it.

Thank you, Michael and Sofia, for all your help, knowledge sharing and support!
Alena & Oleg

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