Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Portnov computer school changed my life, it will change yours as well

Let me tell you my story.

I am from Portland, Oregon. I have background as a software engineer. After 6 years of f gap, I decided to come back to IT. After short job market research I realized - SQA Engineer career seems to be the fastest and the easiest way back to IT.

I found Portnov Computer School on-line. After reviewing list of classes, schedules and price lists I made a quick decision and came to Mountain View, CA. I gave myself 4 month to find a job. Guess what... After a month of very intensive work (I took classes every day: SQA, QTP, Web Technology, Unix, Computer Technology and dedicated at least 8 Hours a day for self study), I felt confident to start a job search. It took me 10 days, 2 phone interviews and 2 personal interviews to have 2 six month contract job offers in Portland!!!

This school has unique methodology! Combination of professional teachers, detailed on-line library of all classes, intensive interview preparation, and internship opportunities makes it easy and fast for everybody to make a career in Software Quality Assurance.

This school changed my life, it will change yours as well. All what it takes – your decision and hard work.

Good luck!!! Amorina!!!

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