Monday, March 14, 2011

Re-entering the world of QA

My name is Naftuli Furman. I came to this country in 1987. Time was real hard and difficult to find a job, specially if you have a background of architecture and speak little English (My native language is Spanish and Hebrew).

So I became a computer programmer and after few years migrated to the QA Testing world. After working for many financial and computer companies, the last been Charles Schwab & Co. I was laid off on year 2000. So I decided to change carriers and became a Real Estate investor for 7 years.

Now, all real estate is down and I am out, soooooo back to QA, but how to get back into the fields after 7 years? THE PORTNOV SCHOOL gave me current knowledge and upgraded my skills to the point that I got a job offer AFTER 3 WEEKS OF TAKING CLASSES. I was so happy and surprise !!!

I was ready to work for Safeway or Longs Stores just to pay for my bills. But Sofia and Mikhail did a wonderful job. Mikhail made a new resume from my experience and new knowledge and Sofia found an employer interested on my background.

I love you guys...... you are A WONDERFUL TEAM....

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