Saturday, March 26, 2011

A decision that you will never regret!!

Hi Sofia, Mikhail and all staff at Portnov,

This week I got an offer as SQA Engineer from a San Jose based company. Thanks a lot Mikhail and Sofia for connecting me with this Company. I don’t have words to express how helpful you were through out my job search period.

I couldn’t have accomplished this without the able guidance and training provided by Portnov’s core team. I learned a lot here which definitely helped me in getting this job.

Sofia and Mikhail, you both were the key people who were instrumental in getting me this opportunity.

I am very happy and fully satisfied with my all together experience (classes and job search) in Portnov.

Thanks a lot Mikhail for all the guidance especially the job search tips.

Thank you so much Sofia for being very supportive and for the encouragement that you have been giving me.

I highly recommend Portnov School for any one who is looking for a bright future in the field of Software Quality Assurance .No matter whether you are new to this field, looking for a career change or already in the field for years, want to be up to date with the new technologies. You will learn lot from this place .
I can guarantee that the decision to join here is a one that you will never regret!!!

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