Friday, March 18, 2011

Old time Portnov Computer School Graduate says Hi !!

I received that email message today:

Hi Mikhail,
How are you doing?

I was your student back to year 2000। You and your school changed my life forever, it was my best investment I made. I have been working for past 10+ years, from QA Engineer to lead QA Engineer. Thanks a lot!!

I lost my full time QA job in Jan. 2010. After that, I have been working as a contractor in Yahoo, Panasonic, now I am working in Broadcom, still as a contract QA. My goal is find a decent, full time QA Engineer job. I have looked your website and found out you have "Job Search" class, but it's not currently open. You also have lots of other classes, but I am not sure which one will help me to achieve my goal। Could you please give me some suggestions? I also attached my resume for your reference.

Thanks and talk to you soon. Linda.

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