Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I was scared to enter the job market

After 12 years as a non working person, I was scared to enter the job market and was wondering where to start, when I met a neighbor, who was also a former Portnov Computer School student, who told me about the school and asked me to look it up. I went ahead and researched a lot about it on the Internet and read a lot of good reviews about them. So I went ahead to Portnov School and met Sofia.

The first time I met Sofia, she came across as a very energetic person and ready to answer all the questions thrown at her. When I went to Portnov School I was ready to sign up for the class, but Sofia advised me to sit in a class and see if it is something for me and then I could decide. Which was a very nice gesture. When I went in to the first class and heard Michael's presentation I was very impressed. Michael came across as a very straight forward person who stated facts and said “We provide a career change but it is ultimately up to you” I decided then and there this was something I can do and was very excited.

I went ahead and joined the class and got Yana as my instructor. Yana was very thorough in her class and expected the same from us. She made me realize that QA people need to be concise but analytical. We had a rigorous 9 week course at the end of which Michael gave very, very good tips for job search.

Just three days later Sofia set me up for an Interview for internship. I started working 3 days later. Seven weeks into the course my manager offered me a permanent position and I had 2 other offers for jobs. I finally ended up taking one of the other offers and left my internship in 8 weeks.

Portnov provided me with all the help that needed to succeed.

At this time with all my heart I only want to say one thing and that is “Thank you Michael, Sofia and Yana for giving me the confidence and expertise to go out and make a place for myself”.

Thank you,


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