Thursday, March 10, 2011

I wanted to start my post with a little background

I received that one via email today and the author asked me to keep her name confidential, which happens sometimes. Enjoy!!!

My background is Commerce/Accounting. I worked in a bank for 7yrs before I decided to make a career change. I was afraid because I had to make the right choice and of course skeptical of all the promises that were made to me. My choice of Portnov is attributed to 2 things first it was Mikhail's honesty to what I can expect during the course and in my QA career (without any sugar coating) and secondly seeing their method of teaching.

My teacher was Yana, she was extremely patient to all my questions (I had a lot of them), she made sure that all her students understood the concepts and stressed on what could be possible interview questions. Then at the end of the course the mock interview was extremely helpful. When I was done with the course I knew that I was ready for a job.

Mikhail helped the class with preparing our resume (Yes he sat with us individually) and gave us tools so that we could look for jobs, through the job search class (extremely helpful!)

Looking for an internship is not the easiest thing, that's when Sofia comes in. She got interviews for us and worked diligently till we all got internships.

I got a great internship job after completing my QA course. As a part of the reorganization of the company I was laid off in December. I went back to Portnov/ Sofia to look for another job. Mikhail helped me update my resume. Sofia was on top of things and got me an interview with a company. Before the interview Yana and Mikhail brainstormed interview questions and got me well prepared. I got the job at Auto Desk. It is a fantastic company to work for with a great pay.

Thank you Mikhail, Sofia and Yana for helping get where I am but more importantly keeping up to the expectations with which I joined Portnov.

I would recommend Portnov over any school.

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