Monday, March 7, 2011

Manikanta thanks Portnov Computer School

I am thankful to Mikhail, Sofia and Yana for the SQA Express Training, help with resume preparation, arranging the interview and further for the placement in the internship program.

The training that I underwent in Portnov during the last two months is a valuable learning to me. The lectures followed by the hands on practice in the real time projects along with the interview tips helped boost my confidence. I am sure that this training program with Portnov will prove as an asset all through my professional career.

I appreciate the time and effort that Mikhail, Sofia and Yana spent for making it happen to me and many more like me. Mikhail helps lay a strong foundation of QA processes and methodologies through his introductory class. His Job Search Session during the training works wonders and gives us very important interview tips. This session motivates us with a 'Go Get It' attitude.

Yana is an excellent instructor and Project Manager. She is great at explaining the concepts and helping with the hands on. Her Management skills during the live project helps us develop the potential to work in teams reporting to the leads exactly as in a real company. Her tips and suggestions always proved handy to me. The quizzes in the class along with the practice interview makes us well prepared to face any interview.

Sofia is the best when it comes to arranging interviews and placing the students. I appreciate the way she handles each student's needs to place them. Taking into consideration that I do not drive, Sofia helped me find internship in San Jose itself. I am greatly thankful to her for that. She also makes sure that the students are well-prepared and have all the information required to attend interviews. I guess that's what also makes her the favorite among recruiters who in turn are very positive about the candidates she sends.

I regret the fact that I did not come to know about Portnov earlier. My experience with Portnov encourages me to recommend the training offered here to everyone who are looking for a job/professional change. I could not have done it without the encouragement, inspiration, knowledge and drive that Portnov imparted through this SQA Express Training, Projects and Quizzes. Once again, extending my deep gratitude to Portnov School, Mikhail, Sofia and Yana...

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