Sunday, March 20, 2011

Portnov Computer School changed my professional life

Hi All!

Portnov Computer School changed significantly my professional life. I began QA class on October 2007… by mid-December I got an interview, and the very next day a job offer. Right now I'm a contractor with high possibilites of becoming a full time employee.

I extremely happy in my new job doing QA for this Sunnyvale based Company. Portnov Computer School gave me the guidelines on how to be a successful tester. Definitely, Portnov was the best choice!

My best advice to new QA students would be to pay close attention to the Instructor in class.. they know what they are talking about.. plus they give you pointers and tips for interviews.

Thank you Mikhail, Sofia and Irina!!!! you are the best!

Alba M

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