Monday, March 14, 2011

I am feeling thankful

I was lucky to find out about Portnov Computer School about ten years ago when I was thinking about what kind of work I want and can do here in the United States.

One day I came to the school, talked to people, learned more about school, and decided to enroll in SQA classes. Once I started attending classes, I felt this is what I would like to do. The more I learned, the more I liked it and looked forward to getting my first job in America.

Upon completion of my classes Mikhail helped me with my resume. The school has connections with many companies and I was referred to some of them, which were hiring at that time. Soon I had my first interview. I couldn’t believe my ears when I had been offered a permanent QA position at one of the companies. I was happy to accept the offer. My dream came true! It was my first real work experience in America. It was amazing experience!

Then I had an opportunity to work for other companies in Bay Area. Later on when I lost my job due to layoff, I came back to school again! Sofia and Michail provided a great support to cope with my unemployment; they gave me a hope that everything will be just fine.

I learned new subjects at school; Mikhail updated my resume with my new skills and Sofia sent my resume for several open positions. I had three interviews and got an offer. Thanks Sofia and Mikhail very much! Sofia and Mikhail are very dedicated, enthusiastic people. They do remarkable job! Portnov Computer School helped me to define my career path, helped me to succeed in my life. I appreciate it very much! Should I start everything all over again, I would definitely go the same route. No doubt! Portnov Computer School is a great place to start!


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