Monday, March 14, 2011

Portnov Changed my life for better!

My Name is Aan. I am a graduate in Economics from India and was working in India as Project Associate in centre for Environment Education in India for 8years. I did not possess any computer related skills then.

I came to US and started my job in Retail industry. In the meantime I was on the look out for a career option too. I came to know about Portnov Computer school through a local Magazine. I contacted Portnov School. After speaking to Mikhail I have decided to take the risk of joining the class (never regretted for that decision). As per Mikhail advice I took QA, QTP, Unix and Technology class. After I finished my class I have been offered the internship. That really helped me to have hands on experience in QA as well as writing test plans, test cases and bug report.

I got the job after finishing my internship with a decent salary (that I never could have imagined). In meantime whenever I feel that I need to refresh the knowledge I used to repeat the classes (Portnov gives us an option to repeat the classes). After joining my job also, Mikhail and Sophia were always there whenever I needed them for guidance and all the other help I could think off.

Portnov really made a difference in my life. If anybody wanted to change their life for better, they can do it too through Portnov.

Thanks Mikhail and Sophia for all your guidance and support.

In the meantime I would like to thank my teachers, John (QTP): He is an excellent Teacher with lot of experience. He was always available to answer our questions while in the class, after the class and through e-mails. Thank you John. Lena (Unix): She is a wonderful teacher who really took so much effort to teach us the concepts until we all get it right. Thank you Lena.

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