Monday, March 7, 2011

From Dentistry to QA

Once I caught luck for its tail and won a Green Card. As far as it was my dream since childhood I did not hesitate a minute with a decision whether to move to the USA or not. I packed my bag and went to America two weeks after I had had my immigrant visa in the pocket.

Obviously, I realized that obtaining permanent legal US residences only won’t let me get all the benefits from life that I desire to achieve. You have to do something for living without any doubt to succeed. Unfortunately, I couldn't’t bring my profession into new environment right away for several objective and subjective reasons. I’m a dentist by the way. Thus, I had to choose another specialty to start up in US. Being in Russia and awaiting for my visa approval I accidentally encountered some data in regards of Portnov Computer School when browsed through the Internet. The first feeling was: “No, it’s not for me. I’m too much far away from that field”. A week or two later I looked through Portnov web site once again more thoroughly, read some reviews and testimonials from former students and catch myself on mind that at least I could try. Anyway, I won’t lose much in case it’s not for me at all. Moreover, I was questioning: “If my brother became a developer why I can’t work in IT sphere?”

At last, having enlisted the relatives’ support I asked Mikhail for enrollment. My first class was the next day I crossed the border. Then I have been studying vigorously as a full time student from 10am to 11pm 5 days a week. It is of crucial importance to stay at school as much time during the day as you can, because environment there is very special. Stuff is extremely helpful and amicable in school. In case you have a question related to the subject or perhaps to some tool installation on your laptop you will probably find a solution there. Moreover, you are more likely to get on fly an opportunity to go for a paid internship interview when offer arrives to the office at the time you are present at school.

This is how it happened to me three weeks after I started. Although, my first interview experience did not result in success, I passed the second one. So, now I am doing my second week of my paid internship in the company which office is located in San Francisco, the city I am in love with. Does it sound as success for a person who is only two month in America and who does not have any IT background? Yes, it is! And it’s only the beginning. For sure it is! Once again, I would like to thank all the people who supported me on my path from meeting at the airport through educational process to getting the internship. Among them are Mikhail Portnov, Sofia Pravdina, Yana Mezher and of course, my new friends and roommates who believed in my progress from beginning. Thanks a lot.

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