Saturday, March 26, 2011

Portnov’s QA Computer School

If you are at the point of your life when you NEED a career change, update your technical skills, increase income or just feel good, doing something profitable for your future – you have to search no more. Portnov’s QA Computer School is your answer.

For all levels, and I mean it – ALL LEVELS – from the true beginners to professionals with over 10 years experience, looking for some polishing in technology – it’s the most effective, professional, affordable and friendly environment to learn and achieve your goals.

We relocated to Palo Alto and I decided to switch from the development to less stressful, but not less fun occupation – QA Engineer. I didn’t know where to start - checked few community colleges, UC extensions, etc, but all looked like long and expensive way to go, with the fixed rigid schedule.

After few hours at Portnov’s school, I realize that it’s “doable” for any budget, level and schedule. Beside well organized lectures and hands on material, the staff will babysit you with interview preparation, internships, encouragement. After 3 months I got a contract for $55/hour. Hooray to all the wonderful teachers, Michael Portnov and school administrator, Sofia.

You will have a lot for your time and money – GO FOR IT.

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