Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I decided I wanted to transition into Software Quality Assurance

I have worked in the Software industry for many years in various positions as: Software Programmer, Systems Analyst and Technical Support. After trying all these different positions, I decided I wanted to transition into Software Quality Assurance which in my opinion is a less stressful work environment. I was finding it difficult entering into this field of Quality Assurance because I lacked the skills and the experience associated with Automation tools that the industry demanded.I thoroughly researched many different Software Automation Schools to determine which one fitted me the best for the Automation skills that I knew I lacked and I chose Portnov Computer School. My reason for choosing this school is the simple fact they offer the most up-to-date current Software Automation courses e.g., Quick Test Pro (QTP), LoadRunner, WinRunner, SilkTest etc.

I began taking classes in 2005 and found their courses to be absolutely first class along with their facilities and materials. The Professors were brilliant, informative, helpful and very patient with us. We learned a lot of valuable information in a very short time. Mikhail and Sofia made us feel very welcome and put us at ease, not to mention how they have helped their students in finding and placing them with suitable jobs.

Thanks to Portnov Computer School, I am currently working at my present job doing Quick Test Professional (QTP) as a permanent employee. I want to express my deepest thanks to Mikhail and Sofia for all their kind help.

Best wishesDouglas

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