Monday, April 6, 2020

This school is the way into the world of IT.

This school is the way into the world of IT. For me , as I was fairly new to learning programming languages and IT world in general , it got overwhelming in the beginning. But following the instructions and self discipline helped a lot. One thing I want to point out is how accessible and easy to reach was Michael himself (even though officially he’s only taking care of online class). With any questions I had, he was always willing to help and was all about finding a solution. Very flexible with addressing students needs individually, and paying attention to every student. Olga, Tatiana and Janna were among my favorite teachers. When it came to final exams they were strict but fair , and it helped me a lot to prepare well for my actual interviews after graduation. All of them were helpful and responsive when I asked for help with interview preparation. And I couldn’t thank more to Sofia for finding me a perfect match when it came to job placement.

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