Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The courses in Portnov are practical and useful.

The courses in Portnov are practical and useful. They may seem easier at the beginning, especially for those who have computer backgrounds. However, it covers those must-have knowledges that are essential for the QA jobs. After the beginning period, the courses cover more and more information in many different fields such as SQL, Linux, Mobile programming, Network, JavaScript, Java...etc. You’ll find there are many many things you can learn which is hardly you can do it if you are not taking the course in the school. Secondly, the instructors are very good. They taught you in a simple way, easy to understand and encourage you. In addition, the instructor shared her own experience (Specially thanks to Jana, my highly respected teacher). As we know, those soft skill sometime is even more important than your programming/hard skills. This doesn’t mean that you just sit there, listen and you automatically become QA expert after finish the school. You need to take part in(This is the way Portnov teaching and one of the best of Portnov) and take your effort to learn(I think this is true for anything you learn). Thirdly, I think Sofia Pravdina does very good job. Because, there are many students in the school, how to know each student and find a proper intern position is definitely not an easy job and will take lots of time and energy. Not only she needs to know what you are good at, but also she needs to look at for your future, your career path! This position requires to know many positions in many companies, many HR managers, each student’s ability, personal characteristics, etc. Most importantly, what is the best choice for you, for specific you! It likes to fit a piece in a puzzle, so it become a become a beautiful scene picture. This position needs to know people, to have enough life experience in addition to good HR skill. Many times, you don’t know what you need. It will be very helpful if someone can point you out what you need, especially for job seekers. Finally, in addition to Janna and Sofia, I want to thank other teachers in Portnov as well: Tanya, Galina, Slava, Sofia, Olga, just to name a few. I also want to thank to Michael, because he has created a good school and has chosen a great instructor team. Thank you all!

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