Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Portnov was and is excellent. A powerful place to transition to the QA World.

Michael swatted away any negative thoughts us career transitioners had - and especially older students like me - know that if we followed a plan then we could certainly get into the QA work world.

Sofia lined up the really great Oodle 3 month internship and I received at Oodle a solid understanding of Jira bug tracking database usage, build and environment dynamics, feature and component analysis and work flow at a software company. 

The Selenium instructor, Ellie Y., is highly organized, responsible and accessible; the UNIX instructor, Lena, is forcefull and assertive for our good, the project manager I most worked with, Marina G., is extremely positive and encouraging, my favorite tools instructor, David S., is more skilled and concise and out-right sharp than any of the Computer Science professors I encountered at Cal State East Bay.  All of the instructors at Portnov bring different strengths to the classrooms.  

I know I am not out of the woods yet and plan to do well at the contract position at CWStar that Sofia lined up but everything I needed for success Portnov has provided:  the rest is up to me.   

Please feel free to give my cell # to any potential Portnov student who is seeking feedback. 


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