Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In spring 2011 I was lost and frustrated...

May some School completely change your life within five-six months? Yes, it could happen, for real, if you join Portnov Computer School. In spring 2011 I was lost and frustrated, after my husband was relocated to SF Bay area: "What should I do? Go to College? Looking for job?" The simple answer-solution came from my new neighbors: "If your interested in software industry, detail oriented, and willing to learn - your only choice in Sillicon Valley is Portnov School with Software Quality Assurance program." In the same day I did research online, on next day I talk to the Schoo'sl director, and on the following day started the class. Yes, it was intense training with overhelming homework and overloading industry-specific information. But it was also an interactive fun-work with the Teachers/QA Top-Managers; it was a great help from School Personnel to gain a professional confidence; and it was a consolidated student-teacher effort to succeed. Today, I work in top-ranked company as a Quality Assurance Engineer. I love my profession, I am happy to go work every day, and I am proud of myself. I am proud of my, Portnov Computer School, too.

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